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					Secrets Of Search Engine Optimization That You Should Know

The experts in search engine optimization have many secrets that make their efforts a success. This article
contains a number of secrets that can improve your optimization tremendously. Read these thoroughly to find
out what you need to do.

Many people do not realize that search engines do not understand images. Regardless of how great your logo is,
the spider will just pass right over it as irrelevant content. However, there is a way to make your images
more relevant to your page content. Every image is anchored by an image tag, or <img> tag. The "alt" attribute
of the image tag is a place where you can describe your image. This would be the ideal place for you to use
keywords to describe the image. This will capture the search engine's attention.

The rest of the content on your page should be focused on keywords as well. Use words that you think your
users will use to search for information in your subject area. When you use keywords that highly relevant to
your content, you improve the chance of your website appearing high in rank. Avoid just stuffing your page
with keywords without relevant context because the sophisticated search engines will consider that as
spamming, and will demote your website in rank.

Excellent content is the primary key to good page rank. There is no way to get around it. People who try to
fool search engines with tricks like keyword stuffing often find their websites delisted. In order to
encourage visitors to come back to your website, you have to offer useful information that people find

The titles of your content are areas on which spiders will emphasize. The top title tags, like <h1> and <h2>
should contain your most relevant keywords that embody the main idea of your content. Search engines place
more weight on these title tags in their ranking algorithm. So, you should choose your keywords carefully when
putting them in your titles.

When users discover good content, they are more likely to share it with their friends through email or social
networking. When your article is shared, the rate of popularity grows exponentially. You will be amazed at how
quickly something spreads through the Internet. If you have truly great content, you can see your site traffic
increase more and more.

It is good to try new keywords frequently. Do some research on the web and see how else people are discussing
your subject area, and take notice of the keywords that come up. There may be some closely related ideas that
you have not thought of. Keep your mind open for new perspectives. The bigger your pool of relevant keywords,
the more likely your page will rank highly in searches.
These are simple tips that you can apply to your own search engine optimization efforts. These are often areas
that people overlook, but now that you know how important they are, you can get ahead in boosting your page
rank effectively.

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