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									Properly Explaining White Hat and Black Hat SEO

As if search engine optimization (SEO) isn't complicated enough by itself, newcomers to the genre also have to
contend with the differences in white hat and black hat SEO methods. In this article, you will learn about the
differences in the two optimization methods.

There are some really underhanded ways to promote your website, and these are all called black hat techniques.
Think about trashing someone else's content as a good example, or spamming people through mass mailers, hiding
referral links in your content, offering rewards but never following through, and pretty much every cruddy,
scummy way you could think of to get your site's name out there. Black hat methods are basically just immoral

The polar opposite of black hat techniques, white hat SEO is comprised of a wide variety of morally astute
methods, like simply not hiding your links, making sure to never spam people, never sending unsolicited mails
by purchasing a mailing list, and keeping your marketing and site-building clean and honest. You can still pay
for advertising with white hat SEO; it just needs to be above boards.

An end user is the person who ultimately uses your product, i.e. your customer or visitor. Now, a lot of your
visitors are obviously not going to know the differences in white and black hat techniques. However, a site
that has been propelled through the rankings via black hat SEO will have some of the traces on it. The site
will most likely be inundated with spam and ads and links and it won't appeal to end users quite as much. So,
for the sake of your customers, white hat is the preferred method.

In the short run, if your goal is only to gain a few clicks or to sell a few products or to meet a certain
quota of some type, then going the black hat way may pay off. Stating otherwise would be a lie. However, in
the long run, black hat will cause irreparable damage and it will hinder your profit margin significantly. So,
logically, doing things the honest way is how to ultimately achieve in the end.

Be very clear about this: As long as you're using white hat methods (the honest methods), you will not have to
worry about facing any negative consequences. To use black hat methods, however, is to put yourself at risk in
a wide variety of ways. It could hurt your overall brand. Your customer base may flee from you. Your web host
may suspend you. Search engines may demote you. And if you're really screwing around with plagiarism and the
like, you might even face legal action.

Organic SEO, although different from white hat and black hat techniques, is essentially the upper end of the
white hat spectrum. It's like an angel compared to a mere saint, for lack of a more apt analogy. Organic SEO
excludes the use of any paid methods and relies only on link-building and keyword methodology to promote sites
through the ranks.
Now that you have read and understand a few things about different SEO tactics, you can make the best choice
for your particular situation. Use this information to guide you on the right path in order to boost your site

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