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									Problems With Search Engine Optimization? Beware Of These Pitfalls!

Optimizing your website to attain the best search rankings possible is very important in building your overall
web traffic. But, there are many pitfalls you may experience that can actually decrease your rankings. Here
are five optimization pitfalls to beware of.

Beware poorly written content. Your goal with your website's content is engagement. You want your readers to
love what they are reading and pass the web page onto their social circle. If you have bad content, though,
the chances of that happening are slim to none. Search engines use backlinks (or links to your site from
external websites) as a big clue to the importance of your web page. With poor content and no sharing, you are
severely limiting your backlink potential!

Beware overusing keywords in your content. Called 'keyword stuffing' this practice is seen as unethical among
much of the web world. Keyword stuffing means you are packing your content with your chosen keywords,
sometimes to the point where every paragraph, or every line, contains the keyword. There are two problems with
this practice. Search engines are aware and are taking action to actually penalize content that appears to be
overstuffed. Also, readers are turned off because the content reads very poorly, so you don't benefit from
social sharing. Be moderate in the use of keywords, 2% or 3% of the total word count is an effective measure.

Beware poor website design. While search engines don't subjectively grade your website's appearance, visitors
surely do. A poorly designed website may turn off visitors from exploring more or sharing any content at all.
Even if your site looks professional and modern, your navigation architecture may be poorly developed, leading
to confusion on how to operate your site. Before you design anything, create an information architecture of
your site. Map out how people will flow through the experience. Then, when it comes to graphic design, if it
is not your forte, hire a professional. It will pay off.

Beware forgetting about metatags. Metatags act as guides for search engines to help them understand what your
web page is about. Without them, you are leaving the search engine no choice but to decipher the page through
the body content itself, which may or may not result in the best rankings. Make it a habit to apply metatags
to all web pages, even if the page is low in overall importance to your business. You'll find these sub-pages,
when properly optimized, drive quite a bit of traffic themselves!

Beware ignoring Google+. Google has given a ton of search engine ranking value to its social network, Google+.
Links that are shared (or +1'd in Google-ease) by a person's social circle in Google+ appear higher in that
person's search engine rankings. Search then becomes very social, and optimization follows suit. Introduce
your content to people active in Google+, and you may find that your site jumps up these social rankings much
fast than they could through traditional organic rankings.

Search engine optimization is necessary for your website's success, and these pitfalls can be major barriers
to it. But now that you know what to watch out for, you are ready to boost your website's rankings to new
heights. Begin today, and start enjoying the rewards of the increased web traffic you experience!

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