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					                           Paddock Wood Farm

                          Burris Dressage

                           SCHOOLING SHOWS
                    Fall 2009 & Spring 2010
                        MARK YOUR CALENDARS!
                         Show Date: Opening Date Closing Date
                         10/31/09    09/20/09       10/21/09
                         11/21/09     10/31/09     11/11/09
                         12/12/09     11/21/09     12/02/09
                          1/30/09     12/12/09      1/20/09
                          2/20/09     1/30/09       2/10/09
                          3/13/09     2/20/09       3/03/09
                          4/17/09     3/13/09       4/04/09

                            Burris Dressage Schooling Series
                                     MAY 15 2010
Mailing Info: Burris Dressage 14917 82nd Ave NW Gig Harbor, WA

                          Directions: From I-5 N or S
   Take Hwy 16 West towards Gig Harbor go over Narrows Bridge
   Take the Wollochet Dr exit. Take a Left over the freeway
   at the second light take a right onto hunt road
   follow hunt until it makes a hard right
   stay straight into Rosemount (a housing Development)
   go to the top of the hill take a right at the top of the hill
   Follow road straight past yellow construction gate follow signs to parking
   Street address of Paddock Wood Farm 6802 Rosemount Dr Gig Harbor WA 98335
                First ride: 9am -10am as entries warrant
      Burris Dressage Schooling Series Finale details coming soon.
           Schooling shows held use current USEF Dressage Test where applicable
                                 Current USDF Intro tests
                                   Judges: To Be Announced.
                            Ribbons 1st to 5th place. Prizes to 1st place
Entry Fees:$22.50 (classes 1 thru 10). $25.00 (class 10-14).
Post Entries: $35.00 per class. Entries received after the closing date will be accepted as time
Incomplete Entries: Incomplete entries will be assessed a $5.00 office fee
Haul In Fee: $10.00 per horse
Stabling: $25 per day (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) One horse per stall. All stabling is limited to space
available. Overnight stabling $40.00 per night and only with prior agreement with management.
NO stabling reservations prior to receipt of paid entry.
50% of class entry if horse is unable to compete and the faxed veterinarian’s excuse
for the horse is received by show management 48 hours prior to first ride of the
NSF Checks: Returned checks (NSF, stop payment) will have a $40.00 assessment.
Closing Date: Postmarked by date listed. NO fax, email or phone entries.
Dogs: NO DOGS ALLOWED!!!! A $50.00 dog fee will be given. and the competitor will be
asked to leave the premise
Arena: All tests to be ridden in 20 x 60 meter arena. Arena footing is sand.
Classes: Classes may be combined or divided according to participation.
Decisions: Judges decision is final. Ties to be broken by collection marks.
Ride Times: Ride times available Tuesday prior to show at

                                        CLASS LIST
   1. Intro A JR (Under 18 years old)                     1b. Intro A SR (Over 18 years old)
   2. Intro B JR                                          2b. Intro B SR
   3. Training Level Test 1 JR                            3b. Training Level Test 1 SR
   4. Training Level Test 2 JR                            4b. Training Level Test 2 SR
   5. Training Level Test 3 JR                            5b. Training Level Test 3 SR
   6. Training Level Test 4 JR                            6b. Training Level Test 4 SR
   7. First Level Test 1 Open                             8. First Level Test 2 Open
   9. First Level Test 3 Open                             10. First Level Test 4 Open
   11. Second Level Test of Choice                        12. Third Level Test of Choice
   13. Fourth Level Test of Choice                        14. FEI Test Of Choice

Schooling shows will use current USDF Dressage tests where applicable

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