Guidelines for Reaction Paper by hMe9pu2


									                Guidelines for Reaction Paper

1. SUMMARIZE into a one page, double-spaced paper using
   one inch margins. Do not simply reiterate what is in the
   article, etc.
      a. Do NOT put one or two sentences on a second page.
         Do what you can to get it all on one page.
      b. If your paper MUST extend well onto the next page,
         make sure to STAPLE your paper! I will not accept
         your paper if it is not stapled.

2. RELATE the assignment to the text material.

3. Use 10 or 12 point font size (Times New Roman or Arial).

4. Start your paper at the very top of the page. Put the title
on the first line at the left-hand margin and your name/time the
class meets on the same line at the right-hand margin, and then
double-space the body of your paper. There is NO need to
include the date, my name, course number, shoe size,
favorite color, etc.!

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