AP English Persuasive Essay by hMe9pu2


									AP English Persuasive Essay – Assignment
You have written three practice persuasive essays. After looking over each essay, along with
their sample essays, scoring explanations for those essays, and scoring guides, choose one to
hand in to be graded.

Before handing it in, you may make corrections/improvements as follows:

• On the original in-class essay – and in a different colored pen or colored pencil – make
marginal or in-text notations of improvements you would make if you could revise your essay.
Note any weaknesses, logical fallacies you have used, or other usage that you believe weakens
your paper in any way.

• Please CIRCLE these notations so I can easily find them

• On a separate piece of paper, please write a minimum half-page (typed or written neatly in ink)
evaluating your overall essay without your revisions: What works? What doesn’t? Why? How
does it compare to the top scoring sample papers you were provided? What did they do that your
essay also does or does not do? Did you do what the prompt asked you to do?

THEN, using the rubric on the back of this page, give your essay (with your revisions) an AP
score and explain why — use language from the rubric and examples from your paper in the
explanation. Staple this paper to the paper you hand in.

• DO NOT rewrite the essay in hopes of getting a better grade. I am as interested in seeing that
you can identify flaws in your own writing as I am in reading what you originally wrote.

Points possible: 100

Due: Monday, April 25

 Name_________________________________________________________________ Points_____________/100

                                       AP English 11
                                  Persuasive Scoring Guide
 9-8    Paper responds appropriately to the prompt through a well-reasoned presentation of
        evidence from observation, experience, or reading. Writer develops his/her position with
100-    evidence and explanations that are appropriate and convincing, referring to the prompt
93%     passage explicitly or implicitly. Paper aptly supports what the writer asserts and
        demonstrates stylistic maturity by an effective command of sentence structure, diction,
        and organization. The writing reveals an ability to choose from and control a wide range
        of the elements of effective writing, but is not necessarily without minor flaws.
 7-6    Paper responds appropriately to the prompt through a well-reasoned presentation of
        evidence from observation, experience, or reading, but lacks the more carefully nuanced
92-     thought or the more detailed development of 9-8 papers. The writer develops his/her
83%     position with evidence and explanations that are appropriate and sufficient, referring to
        the prompt passage explicitly or implicitly. The writing contains lapses in diction or
        syntax, but generally the prose is clear. The arguments are sound, but are presented with
        less coherence or persuasive force than essays in the 9-8 range.
 5      Paper attempts to respond appropriately to the prompt through a well-reasoned
82-     presentation of evidence from observation, experience, or reading, but does not sustain a
73%     coherent presentation. Though adequately written, it demonstrates inconsistent control
        over the elements of composition resulting in a less-than-sophisticated writing style.
        Organization is evident but is not fully realized or particularly effective. The essay
        misunderstands the passage, misrepresents the arguments it presents, analyzes these
        inaccurately, or fails to mention the passage at all. The evidence or explanations used are
        inappropriate, insufficient, or limited. The prose generally conveys the student’s ideas but
        is less consistent in controlling the elements of effective writing. Significant lapses in use
        of mature diction and syntax are present.
 4-3    Paper does not respond adequately to the question's tasks. The writer has not defined a
72-     clear position or has attempted to develop a position with evidence that is not well chosen
63%     or well integrated for the purpose. Evidence is shallow, misguided, or unrelated to the
        passage. The writing is sufficient to convey the writer's ideas, but suggests weak control
        over diction, syntax, or organization. The essay contains consistent spelling errors or
        some flaws in grammar. Lapses in mature use of diction and syntax interfere with
 2-1    Paper fails to respond adequately to the question's tasks. Although the writer attempts to
        respond to the passage, the response exhibits little clarity about the writer's attitude or
        only slight or misguided evidence in its support. Essay is poorly written on several
        counts, is unpersuasively brief, or presents only assertions without substantive evidence.
        It reveals consistent weaknesses in grammar or other basic elements of composition. The
        essay is especially inexact, vacuous, and/or mechanically unsound.


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