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                                        Ray Diagrams

        In this activity you will be given a list of scenarios in how you see objects. You
will then sketch out the scenario the best you can and then draw the ray diagram for it.
Make your ray diagrams on a separate sheet of paper making each one about a half sheet
of paper. If there is any confusion with how the scenario is setup come and talk to me. I
will also have all materials on hand for you to try out the scenario.

   1. While looking in a mirror in your bedroom you can see the tree in your back yard
      through the window.

   2. From your house you look out the window and see your dog’s house, your dog is
      laying in the shade behind the doghouse. Why can you not see the dog? Use your
      ray diagram to answer.

   3. While doing your hair in the morning you want to see the back of your hair, you
      use two mirrors to do this. Draw the ray diagram.

   4. You are taking a shower and your shower door is made with the shower glass as
      we had seen in class. How is there light in the shower (assume bathroom light is
      in the middle of the ceiling)? Why can’t you see the sink clearly? Use your ray
      diagram to answer.

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