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									How To Optimize Your Mobile Website.

Mobile devices are becoming popular tools for web surfing. No matter where you go, you can always spot a
person doing a web activity on his hand-held device. If you want a greater piece of the mobile market, you
will need to develop a version of your website that displays well on all mobile devices. Read the following
article to get some ideas on how you can approach this properly.

The tags of your mobile website should be optimized. The meta viewport tag is where you can specify the width
and zoom level of your mobile website. The initial-scale property lets you control the zoom level when your
mobile web page is loaded initially. You can also control how the user can scale the display and how they can
zoom in and out on the page display. The other tags that you should pay attention to are the same tags for
your full-size page: the title tag and meta description tag. These should contain the relevant keywords that
you think will drive web users to click on your page.

A mobile device has a small view port. Therefore, avoid formatting content so that the user has to scroll left
and right to view it. This can be irritating to a lot of users. Put your most relevant content near the top of
the page so your users will not have to scroll down to find what they need. Avoid including fancy images; they
may display well on a full-sized page, but on a small screen they would take up too much space. Focus on high
quality text content near the top instead.

List your mobile website in mobile directories. These directories are places where mobile users usually go to
seek information, because they are much easier to use than the regular search tools designed for the full-page
website. You want your mobile website to be found easily, and listing it in these directories will increase
your exposure.

Once you have designed your mobile website, you will need to test how it displays on various mobile devices.
Mobile device manufacturers usually provide an emulator to developers who must do this testing. This is
something that you will need to download and install.

It is important that you code your mobile web pages by using cascading style sheets to style your page. Tables
are not rendered well on mobile devices, and they can produce undesirable display results. By using CSS, you
are taking out the styling components from the web page code, leaving only coding for the main content. This
gives you a cleaner page of code, and it will improve the efficiency of the mobile web crawlers when they
crawl over your page because they won't have to go over all of the formatting clutter.

Optimizing a mobile website takes a slightly different approach than optimizing a full-page website, but there
are commonalities, like clean code on the web page and separating styling from the content. When you have both
your full-page and mobile websites optimized, you will be in a great position to drive more customers to your

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