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									A few Search Engine Optimization tips

As an online business owner, it is in your best interest to make your site more visible in search results. You
can achieve this goal by applying the search engine optimization tips discussed in this article. Keep reading
and make sure you apply all these tips.

HTML tags are a very valuable tool. You can add meta tags in the header of your pages: these tags are not
visible to your visitors but search engine spiders can read them. You should have a first meta tag with the
name 'description'. In the content of this tag, write a short description of what your page is about. Make
sure you include strong keywords. You can then create a second meta tag with the name 'keyword' and place a
list of keywords in the content. The strongest keywords should come first in your list.

The keywords you used in your meta tags should be repeated throughout your content. Place them in your titles,
your URLs, the anchor text for your links and the content of your articles. Be consistent and write quality
content so that your visitors will not realize that you are using keywords as an SEO technique.

Select your keywords carefully. Do some research with Google AdWords and find out which keywords your
competitors are using. You should have under five strong keywords and a series of weaker ones you use on
specific pages. About 10% to 15% of your content should be keywords. Do not go out of your way to place more
keywords than necessary.

You can increase your rank in search results by adding useful links to your content and by getting links on
other sites. Do some research to find sites your target audience is likely to visit. You can connect with
other webmasters, have your posts featured on an online magazine or posts comments with a link to your site on
news items related to your industry for excellent results. Make sure you use a good anchor text with keywords
for all your links.

Make sure you register your site with most search engines. Take the time to write a good description of your
site and use tools developed for webmasters to keep track of your visits. You should register your site once
it is ready to be launched and keeps submitting your new pages so they get indexed too.

If you are going to use images on your site, make sure you write alt tags including keywords. A search engine
spider cannot recognize an image and will not be able to tell if it is relevant to your content unless you use
alt tags. Use strong keywords for your images and keep your design simple so that search engine spiders can
quickly go through your code.

Apply these tips and keep looking for other ways to use SEO to get more visitors to your site. It takes some
time, but within a few weeks, you should start getting more traffic and ranking higher in search results.

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