What Should You Know About Algebra by umar34


									What Should You Know About Algebra?
There are different kinds of problems on tests that you should be prepared for, but what kinds of
algebra problems are typically on them? Here are a few different things that you should be aware of:
       Pre-algebra: You will need to a wide variety of pre-algebraic functions. You should
      definitely know how to do operations containing whole numbers, decimals, fractions, integers,
      place value, square roots and approximations, the rules and concept of exponents, scientific
      notation, factors, ratio, proportion, percentages, linear equations in one variable, absolute values
      and ordering numbers by value, elementary counting techniques and simple probability, data
      collection and representation and interpretation, and understanding simple descriptive statistics.
       Elementary algebra: You will need to know some elementary algebra as well as pre-algebra.
      These questions will be based on properties of exponents and square roots, the evaluation of
      algebraic expressions through substitution, using variables to express functional relationships,
      understanding different algebraic operations, and the solution of quadratic equations by factoring.
       Intermediate algebra: There will most likely be a small amount of intermediate algebra on
      any kind of college-bound test that you plan to take. These kinds of problems will most likely be
      based on understanding different formulas, such as the quadratic formula, rational and radical
      expressions, absolute value equations and inequalities, sequences and patters, systems of
      equations, quadratic inequalities, functions, modeling, matrices, roots of polynomials, and
      complex numbers. It is also very important to remember that you will need to know the basics
      about algebra in order to do these problems. For example, it is good to know the quadratic
      formula, but unless you know the different order of operations, you won’t be able to solve these
A lot of people are afraid of math, but algebra certainly isn’t anything to be afraid of. With just a
little bit of practice, you can ace any test that is thrown your way.

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