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Twitter is committed to use their patents


									Twitter is committed to use their patents

With all that there is saber rattling around the world of software patents lately, with clashes almost
everywhere, Twitter has made a very striking initiative exercised by way of statement of intent regarding
patents developed by its employees .

This is something we have called Innovator's Patent Agreement or IPA means an agreement by which
the company is committed to its employees to patents that they develop only be used for defensive
purposes and will not be used to attack other companies without your express written permission. The
agreement was posted on GitHub for anyone to examine.

An important aspect of this commitment is that it applies also in case the patent is sold to another
company, so the buyer will be required to use the patent only as he had planned the inventor. Normally,
employees sign agreements whereby give full control of the patents that create, so that companies can
do with them whatever they pleased. And if sold, the buyer also.

A gesture from the honor and Twitter though (being Malpensado) always will be no way to skip it, is a
way to ingratiate himself with employees who fear that his invention will end up being used as a
battering ram in a business war, motivating them to work more relaxed in the current litigious
atmosphere that permeates many companies.

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