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									Hello Jannatul,

See attachment
Lets start at 60 hours per week

They will login to the website:
Login: temp
Password: 12345

When the site comes up they will check on “Connect to Computer”. It will ask for the login/password
again. At that point the Spare PC screen will open up and they can run ACT just like the employees do
while in the office. Use same log in as above.

ACT login
Pass: DataBase321

ACT: Once ACT opens will have over 98,000 total contacts, you will need to look up those contact adding
information. At the top you will see a "LookUp" Button – see below
                                       See HERE

<then a window will pop up and you will need to look for>
Field: "EDA ID", "Contains Data"
For the current lookup: "Replace Lookup" (default)
This will pull up TOTAL contacts with EDA links, we have already added some so one more look up is

You will need to do another "LOOKUP"
See look up

      Field:     "MAKE - Brands"          "Does not contain Data"         "Narrow Lookup"


This will now pull up 61,499 users that need information added to our system.
To pull up an individual contact. Click the "Detail View" button towards the top left of the screen or click
on the contact

NOW we are able to work!
Each contact has a link to the right side which the field name is EDA WEBSITE. each links starts with

Click on this link and will open another web link see below.
Each contact link will pull up the contacts list of machines they own. we need to copy each MAKE and
MODEL in to our ACT system. This is what it should look like after you copy information
Another Example of a customer with multiple machines

When filling in MAKES and MODEL, do NOT include the - and separate each with a comma
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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