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In order for a gas engine to operate properly in must be able to access
fuel. This comes from the fuel tank that is located underneath the
vehicle. The size of the fuel tank will vary depending on the type of
vehicle it is. Semi trucks can hold hundreds of gallons of fuel while a
small sized vehicle can’t hold more than about 30 gallons. There is a
sensor in the fuel tank that allows you to read how much of it is left
over through your gas gauge. It is important to keep an eye on this so
you don’t run out of gas.
It isn’t just these types of vehicles that need fuel tanks though.
Airplanes and even rocket ships rely on them as well. It is important to
only put the right type of fuel into the tank though. Some take diesel
fuel while others either take regular or unleaded fuel. It is important
to keep the cap on the entrance to the fuel tank too except when you are
filling it up. Failure to do so can result in debris getting into your
fuel tank and that can result in severe damage to your vehicle.
Many people have changed the gas cap to their fuel tank to one that is
locked with a key. This is to keep people from being able to siphon gas
or to put something into the gas tank to sabotage them. Should your
vehicle be involved in an accident you may have to replace the fuel tank.
It can be jarred loose too if you hit a dip too hard or go over a curb
and your fuel tank is hit.
Due to the risk of the fuel inside of the tank becoming flammable,
manufacturers have to take special care when they make them. They need to
be very durable so that they have less of a risk of creating a fire or a
large explosion. Some types of vehicles have been recalled in the past
due to faulty fuel tanks that make them unsafe to drive. It is important
to pay attention to such recalls for vehicle so you can keep yourself and
your family safe.


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