Personal Safety Plan by xuyuzhu


									                         Mary’s Personal Safety Plan

 Important telephone numbers:
       o Police – 911
       o Center Hotline – 1888-7HELPLINE (1-888-743-5754)
       o Rochester Women’s Shelter –
              Crisis Line: 507-285-1010 or 800-438-6439
              Suzie Christenson (director)
       o Friends/Relatives –
              Mother: 507-356-2227
              Marissa: 507-354-8787
              Jen: 507-357-7363
       o Pastor Dave Richard – 507-321-6458
       o Dr. Lisa Pellar – 507-124-6114

 Relative, friend or neighbor to confide in about situation. Ask them to call
  the police if they hear sounds of conflict or suspicious noises, or if they try
  to reach you after hearing noises
       o Mother-Lisa, Friend—Marissa, Sister –Jen

   Places to go in emergency
       o Women’s Shelter—800-438-6439, parents or sisters house,
       o Near Hotels—Doubletree Hotel (507-281-8000), Holiday Inn         (507-252-8200),
         Comfort Inn (507-289-3344)

   “Crisis Stash”
       o Places you could leave some extra money, car keys, clothes and copies of
         important papers—Marissa’s house, with parents, or at pastors house.
       o Keep telephone change in coats, car, or in a quick reachable place (on the table
         in change jar)
   Savings account
       o Small, private savings account opened at Premier Bank (507-285-3700)
   Escape route
       o Plan to escape the violence if you must (need to act quickly & decisively)
              Immediately leave the house, if a car is not available go to
                nearest trusted neighbor and ask for a ride to a “safe place”
                (trusted friend, family), if not possible go to nearest public
                place, call the police, then call a friend or relative to let them
                know what’s happening. Don’t go back to get anything, that’s
                what the “crisis stash” is for!
Safety Escape Check List—Important items to grab quick!
      ____ Identification (include one with a photo)
      ____Birth certificate for yourself and children
      ____Social Security cards
      ____School and/or medical records
      ____Money, bankcards, credit cards
      ____driver’s license and registration
      ____Mortgage information
      ____Insurance Papers
      ____Address book
      ____Pictures, Jewelry, items of sentimental value
      ____Personal Protection Order

After you leave:
          Change the locks; install heavier doors, a security system, smoke
           detectors and an outdoor lighting system.
          Tell a neighbor your partner no longer lives with you and if they see
           him to immediately call police.
          Give your child’s day care and school information on who can pick up
           the children and who is NOT allowed; also provide them with a copy
           of a personal protection order if you have one.
          Tell a trusted co-worker and your boss about the situation and ask
           them to call the police if the batterer shows up.
          Select different stores to shop at and transfer your accounts to a
           different bank than when you lived with your partner
          Go to court and get a protective order! Keep a copy with at all times,
           give copies to police, children’s caregivers, schools, and your
           workplace supervisor.
          Always have someone to talk to when feeling sad or afraid-don’t take
           the chance of going back!
               o Center Hotline, parents, friends, or your pastor

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