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Twitter is considered as one of best and most effective tools for internet marketing provided it is used properly and carefully.

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									          Top 10 Tips for Effective Twitter Marketing for Startups

Usually associated with the broadcasting of one’s like and dislikes, Twitter has long since
moved away from those days and has emerged as one of the most powerful social media to
spread the word quickly. Well for businesses, twitter is considered as one of best and most
effective tools for internet marketing provided it is used properly and carefully.

                                                     Using this platform for promoting your
                                                     business can be a daunting task initially;
                                                     however, if you are fully determined to
                                                     make best use of it, you will notice your
                                                     twitter marketing efforts amplifying
                                                     manifolds. If you are a start-up company
                                                     looking to take advantage of this social
                                                     media platform, here are some quick
                                                     tips that can help make things easier:

   1. Do not beat around the bush

        The first and foremost thing is to decide what message you want to convey to the
        readers. Generally, straight forward and short messages are posted on twitter to
        grab the eyeballs of the readers, make sure to define a clear cut message.
        Remember not having a profile on twitter is far better than posting boring tweets.

   2. Use Backlinks

        Include your website link or use backlinks effectively in your tweets. This tickles
        curious tweet surfers and compels them to click on it. Instead of posting a wordy
        tweet, give some references and links as they have higher probability of being
        clicked or checked out.

   3. Be Creative

        If you have a profile on twitter, you must be aware of the fact that it acts as a micro
        blogging website. It offers just 140 characters to convey your message. Try to be
        smart, humorous and genuine while evoking curiosity among users to know more.

   4. Show Some Etiquette

        When you earn a re-tweet, make sure to show some kindness, give a compliment,
        say thanks and try to establish a relationship. Also try to use re-tweets in references.
        This helps you build a network of passionate followers and increase your interaction
        with them.

   5.   Understand the Power of Hash Tag
       You can consider using a hash tag. In fact, they can grab the attention of your
       followers and other twitter users towards your tweets. Most people are in a habit to
       follow hash tags; so, why not take advantage of it?

  6.   Don’t Tweet Intermittently

       Sporadic tweets may result in loss of interest of interest among your followers about
       your messages. Plan your tweets and decide what and when you want to tweet
       about. Chalk out how you can look genuine while posting some discounts or offers.
       Users may not want to click on the link if it doesn’t look genuine. So decide a
       strategy and make a plan.

  7. Don’t Show You’re Annoyed

       Even if you are tired of tweeting, don’t show you are bored or annoyed; instead
       continue tweeting. If somebody re-tweets with an intention to bring a bad name to
       you, handle it strategically. Maintain your calm and justify your previous tweets.
       Don’t forget to bring some newness to your messages every time you drop one. You
       can also consider hiring an SEO or social media company that can help you post
       strategic tweets.

  8. Get Back to Your Followers

       Make it a point that you always get back to your followers. Listen to them,
       understand what they want to convey and answer their queries. This helps in earning
       a regular readership and maintaining long term relationships.

  9. Do Not Force People to Purchase

       While promoting your products on twitter, be genuine. Do not over promote a single
       product or show your obsession towards anything. Remember people don’t like to be
       forced. Offer your products in such a manner that gives something to ponder about.
       Exchange values; feed them with interesting ways to make them feel that they really
       need this product.

  10. Filter Out Your Followers If you think any of your followers is inactive or spam or is
      not genuine, filter it out. Only follow back the active followers and keep exchanging
      good things.

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