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									                                                                                                                                   Attorney-General's Department

          Minister for Emergency Management                                                                                                     Attorney-General                                                                          Minister for Home Affairs and Justice
        The Hon Robert McClelland MP                                                                                                     The Hon Nicola Roxon MP                                                                              The Hon Jason Clare MP

                                               Adviser                                                                            Roger Wilkins AO
                                                                                                                            Executive Assistant: Kate Thompson

                          Civil Justice and Legal Services Group                                                        Strategic Policy and Coordination Group                                                         National Security and Criminal Justice Group
                                Deputy Secretary, David Fredericks                                                            Deputy Secretary, Elizabeth Kelly                                                                  Deputy Secretary, Tony Sheehan

                               Executive Assistant: Dorothy Sweeney                                                          Executive Assistant: Marilyn Starick                                                               Executive Assistant: My-Hanh Rusk

   Access to              Social             Civil Law           Office of          Office of         Strategy and              Office of          Corporate          Information         National           Emergency            National             National              Criminal         International
    Justice             Inclusion            Division           Legislative       International         Delivery               Corporate            Division            Division          Security           Management           Security           Security Law            Justice              Crime
    Division             Division                               Drafting &             Law                                      Counsel                                                  Resilience           Australia          Capability            & Policy              Division         Cooperation
                                                                Publishing                                                                                                                 Policy                               Development            Division                                  Division
                                                                                                                                                                                          Division                                Division
 Louise Glanville      Kym Duggan           Matt Minogue         John Leahy        Greg Manning       Louise Glanville        Maggie Jackson      Stephen Lutze        Jane Bailey       Mike Rothery        Campbell Darby       Warwick Finn       Geoff McDonald        Iain Anderson      Katherine Jones
                                                                  PSM SC
                                                                                  Senior Counsel
                                                                                 Bill Campbell QC

Responsible for:     Responsible for:     Responsible for:    Responsible for:   Responsible for:    Responsible for:       Responsible for:    Responsible for:    Responsible for:   Responsible for:     Responsible for:    Responsible for:    Responsible for:     Responsible for:    Responsible for:
Policy,              Policy,              Policy,             Drafting of        Policy,             Strategy and           Poviding legal      Financial           Information        Policy,              Operational         Developing          Policy,              Policy,             Policy,
legislation,         legislation,         legislation and     legislative and    legislation,        policy advice,         expert advice to    planning and        communications     legislation,         coordination of     national security   legislation and      legislation,        legislation,
advice and           advice and           advice on           other              advice and          cabinet and            the Department      management,         technology,        advice and           responses to all    capability;         advice on            advice and          advice,
programs             programs             Australian          instruments,       programs            ministerial            on a range of       portfolio budget    information        programs             hazards,            coordinating        national security,   programs            programs and
related to federal   related to           Government          maintenance of     related to          coordination,          matters             statements,         management.        related to           including natural   procedures,         counter-             related to          engagement on
courts and           Indigenous law       legal services,     the Federal        international law   constitutional                             compliance and                         developing           disasters,          training,           terrorism,           criminal law,       international
tribunals, family    and justice, legal   bankruptcy and      Register of        and human           policy, and                                risk                                   resilience to all    terrorism and       exercises,          chemical             criminal justice    criminal justice
law, alternative     assistance and       personal            Legislative        rights.             public affairs.                            management                             hazards,             pandemics. Also     evaluation,         security,            processes,          issues.
dispute              native title.        insolvency,         Instruments,                                                                      and property                           including the        incorporates the    procurement         surveillance         operational law
resolution,                               copyright,          publication of                                                                    management.                            areas of critical    national security   and R&D for all-    devices, tele-       enforcement,
marriage,                                 classification      legislative                                                                       Human                                  infrastructure       hotline, disaster   hazards;            communications       border
intercountry                              and international   materials, and                                                                    resources,                             protection,          relief, dignitary   managing the        interception and     management
adoption,                                 legal services;     related legal                                                                     governance,                            electronic and       protection and      National Counter-   for delivery of      and crime
administrative                            classification      services.                                                                         property support                       identity security,   protective          Terrorism           vetting and          prevention,
law and civil                             operations;                                                                                           services, the                          and protective       security.           Committee           background           including liaison
procedure,                                reform of                                                                                             Departmental                           security policy.                         Administered        checking             with AFP,
legislative                               Australian                                                                                            Security Unit                                                                   Fund; delivering    services which       Customs and
instruments,                              personal                                                                                              and secure                                                                      training and        incorporates         ACC.
private                                   property                                                                                              services such as                                                                education;          AusCheck and
international law,                        securities law                                                                                        the Australian                                                                  administering       the Australian
and evidence.                             and regulation of                                                                                     Secure Network                                                                  grants to           Security Vetting
                                          the national                                                                                                                                                                          volunteer           Service.
                                          legal profession;                                                                                                                                                                     organisations,
                                          and support for                                                                                                                                                                       for disaster
                                          the Attorney-                                                                                                                                                                         mitigation and
                                          General in the                                                                                                                                                                        Geo-Spatial
                                          performance of                                                                                                                                                                        Capabilities.
                                          his First Law
                                          Officer role.

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