; Cornwell's Response to NFLPA v NFLCA
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Cornwell's Response to NFLPA v NFLCA


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									   NFL Players Association Files Suit Against the NFL Coaches Association
      DeMaurice Smith Claims to be Executive Director of the NFLCA

After claiming that De Smith is the Executive Director of the NFL Coaches Association and
refusing to provide the NFL Coaches Association with its files and business records, the National
Football League Players Association has sued the NFLCA to block the NFLCA's access to its
bank accounts and to challenge Wm. David Cornwell's selection as the Executive Director of the

On February 22, 2012, the NFLPA congratulated Cornwell on his appointment as the Executive
Director of the NFLCA and promised to send the NFL Coaches Association its files and business
records. Since then, the NFLPA has ignored their promise, attempted to control the affairs of the
NFL Coaches Association through various claims and challenges (including the claim that De
Smith is the Executive Director of the NFLCA), engaged in deceptive and obstructionists
practices, and ignored the NFL Coaches Association’s repeated demands for its property. The
NFLPA was given until April 11, 2012 to comply with these demands and failed to do so. On
April 13, the NFLPA raised for the first time the issue of an alleged debt of over $600,000.
When the NFLCA demanded proof of the debt, the NFLPA sued the NFLCA to prevent it from
accessing its bank accounts on April 17.

Cornwell said, “I do not know which is more absurd, the claim that De is the Executive Director
of the NFLCA or the fact that the NFLPA is blocking us from using coaches' dues money to
advance the interests of coaches. Instead of working with the NFL on retirement benefits,
uniform insurance, and other important issues for NFL coaches, now we have to incur real debt
to deal with De Smith and the NFLPA. De has not done anything for NFL coaches and there is
no support for a continued association with the NFLPA. I think the lawsuit and the alleged debt
is a smoke screen to prevent the NFLCA from breaking away from the NFLPA. I have seen no
evidence that the NFLPA sought to collect this alleged debt when they thought De controlled the
Coaches Association. First with the NFLPA filing a amicus brief in the name of the NFLCA in
the Eight Circuit during the NFLPA's labor challenge and now with this lawsuit, this is the
second time that De has asked us to ignore that the players we coach are acting against our
interests through their union."

                                    Wm. David Cornwell, Sr.
                                      Executive Director

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                                               SUITE 400
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