Installing CD player into a by Abby McCary


									                              Removing a Car radio
                              1996 Nissan Maxima

Many older vehicles do not come equip with CD player. This manual provides you with
all the information you need to remove your stock AM/FM cassette player from a 1996
Nissan Maxima. Many people replace their AM/FM cassette player with CD player
because CD are more durable, have better quality and, are all around simpler and easier
to use. This manual explains how to remove your stock radio by pointing out were hide
screws can be found within the dashboard and the proper way to remove the center
console with out breaking any major part of your console.

Before Getting Started

          Put the vehicle in park

          Make sure that the hand brake is engaged

          Remove the negative terminal from the vehicle’s battery

   1. Removing panel from around gear shifter

           o Carefully lift panel from the backside upward

           o Shift vehicle into drive

           o Remove panel from around gear shifter

   2. Removing screws from ashtray

           o Remove one screw from the left side of the ashtray

           o Open ashtray

           o Pull ashtray outward until the two release clip snap open (these two clips

              will fall either in the center console or remain lodged to their slot.)
      o Remove two screws securing the bottom of the console.

3. Removing Center console

      o Pull the bottom of the center console forward (this will loosen the top

         section of the panel).

      o Separated the radio from the center console has indicated.
4. Removing the top section of Center Console

       o Pulling the top section of the center console upwards this will release two

          clips from the upper section of the console.

       o Put pressure underneath the middle of the center console, as indicated and

          lift upwards. This will release two hidden clips under the middle vent.

5. Removing the top screws from the center console.

       o Pulling the A/C vent upwards will expose two screw of the center console.

       o This might result in you’re A/C vent to come loose, snap the panel back

          into place.
6. Removing Radio

      o Pull center console forward

      o Be careful with the wires and connector that are behind the radio.

7. Removing the Radio from bracket

      o Remove six screws from the right side

      o Remove the four screws securing the radio to the brackets.

      o Remove the four screws from the left side of the bracket.

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