Removal and Installation of Carburetors (Yamaha Banshee)

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					  Removal and Installation of Carburetors (Yamaha Banshee)

By: Navi Athwal

Anyone who owns an ATV or dirt bike has removed the carburetors at one time or
another, and has probably followed some timely process of removing unnecessary parts
to complete the job. The truth is this process can be completed in four simple steps and
take only about thirty minutes to complete.

Warning: Gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive under certain

Step 1: Draining the Carburetors of Fuel
       1. Turn the fuel valve off by locating it underneath the left side of the gas tank
          and turning it counter clockwise to the horizontal position.

       2. Disconnect the fuel line from the gas tank by removing the hose clamp and
          pulling the hose off the barb.

       3. To drain the carburetors of fuel, place an oil absorbent cloth underneath the
          ATV and stand the ATV up vertically so it rests on its rear grab bar. This will
          cause the floats in the carburetors to rise forcing the fuel out of the float bowls
          and out the overflow tubes.

Step 2: Throttle cable removal
       1. Remove the seat from the ATV.

       2. Using a pair of channel locks remove the retaining cap from the top of the
          carburetor by turning it counter-clockwise.

Step 3: Carburetor removal
       1. Loosen the screw clamps on all three insulator tubes and completely remove
          the clamps from the assembly.

       2. Remove the rear insulator tube on the intake side of the carburetor by folding
          it over itself. Remove it from the assembly.

       3. Pull the Carburetor towards the rear of the ATV sliding it out of the front
          insulator tube. Turn the carburetor 90° clockwise and remove it from the
           assembly. Note: When removing the carburetor hold the cap and cable rigid
           as to not damage the throttle valve upon removal.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 for removal of the right side carburetor

Step 4: Installation
       1. Loosely install the carburetor in the front insulator tube.

       2. Slide the throttle valve and cap into the carburetor.

       3. Install the rear insulator tube and unfold it so the carburetor is secured by the
          insulator tubes.

       4. Install the screw clamps on to the insulator tubes and tighten them to the
          specified torque values.

       5. Tighten the carburetor cap to the specified torque value.

       6. Install the fuel line.

Repeat step 4 for installation of the right side carburetor

After installation replace the seat and turn the fuel valve to the on position to inspect for

Torque values:

Screw clamp            6.5 ft-lb
Carburetor cap         10 ft-lb