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									Getting Summer Fit
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      We hope that you enjoy our package on
      keeping summer fit and that you find some
      useful tips to add to your healthy living style.

      Please remember that these are just health
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Fitness tips
1.   Step it up: If you don’t engage in exercise often then why not
     consider walking. Walking 10,000 steps a day –easily monitored by
     pedometer- can help you keep your heart healthy and even help you
     loose weight
2.   Run it off: If you can run then try and engage in a jog or run 30
     minutes a day to help you lose weight and make you leaner
3.   Work those muscles: Engage in active weight training 2 to 3 times a
     week to help you build muscle which burns calories while you’re not
     working out as they require more energy
4.   Goals: set fitness goals such as short terms goals like walking for
     twice as long at the end of every week’s last work out session or long
     term goals like working towards getting fit enough to run in a 5klm
     or 10klm marathon. Apps like the Couch to 5K app can help you get
5.   Stretch: get a group of friends together and keep each other
     accountable by going to weekly Pilates or Yoga classes together. This
     class will not only help you burn calories but form valuable post
     exercise muscles that will keep you long and lean.
Diet tips
1.   BMI: workout your BMI and then work out how many pounds you
     have to lose to get into the right BMI for your height and age. The
     BMI formula is: BMI = ( Weight in Pounds / ( Height in inches x
     Height in inches ) ) x 703
2.   Calorie maintenance : Once you have this number you can use a
     calorie calculator out how many calories you NEED a day to
     sustain your energy but still eat your maintenance calories so that
     you can start losing weight.
3.   Treat day: reward yourself with one treat day a week where you
     can go over your calorie goal by a few hundred calories. That way
     you have something to look forward too and are more likely to
     stop snacking for the rest of the week in anticipation
4.   Water: it may seem obvious but drinking lots of water will help
     your weight loss by flushing your body of toxins and hydrating
     your exercised body. Sometimes you may be thirsty if you feel
     hungry without knowing it so always have a glass of water before
     deciding to have an unscheduled snack
Health & Wellness
There are various things to consider when embarking on a new health
and wellness regime:
1. Think about it: do your research, be aware of all the benefits of
    various health and wellness changes you’ll be making and talk about
    it with your friends and loved ones. A conscious decision to change
    your lifestyle and becoming accountable to others will help you stick
    to your new routine.
2. Get checked up: make sure that you are in a good state to start
    exercising and changing your diet by checking in for a health check
    up with your GP and insuring yourself from any possible injuries with
    health insurance.
3. Variety: don’t be scared to change up your routine and try new
    exercises and healthy meal options. Consider incorporating healthy
    eating into your family's daily routine to help you all change as well
    as help you stick to your new life choice. Incorporate physical
    activities like ball games and sports into family outings and burn
    calories in different ways to keep you enthusiastic about weight loss
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