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									Scottish Vocational Qualification
Health (Perioperative Care Support) Level 2
Awarded by The Scottish Qualifications Authority
Accredited from 17 May 2005 to 31 July 2010
Group Award Number: G7WA 22

This SVQ is based on standards developed by Skills for Health

The first code (6 digits) indicates the SQA Unit code. The code in brackets indicates the National
Occupational Standards Unit code.

Structure of the SVQ
The way the SVQ is made up is shown below.

To achieve the SVQ level 2, candidates are required to complete 10 units.

Mandatory Units (10)
DK3V 04 (HSC21)
Communicate with, and complete records for individuals

DP08 04 (GEN 2)
Prepare and dress for work in clinical/therapeutic areas

DN9K 04 (GEN 3)
Maintain health and safety in a clinical/therapeutic environment

DP0C 04 (GEN 4)
Prepare individuals for clinical/therapeutic activities

DP0J 04 (GEN 5)
Support individuals during and following clinical/therapeutic activities

DP09 04 (GEN 6)
Prepare environments and resources for use during clinical/therapeutic activities

DP04 04 (GEN 7)
Monitor and manage the environment and resources during and after clinical/therapeutic activities

DP0A 04 (PCS1)
Prepare for and transport patients to, within and from the perioperative care environment

DP0F 04 (CHS36)
Provide Basic Life Support

DK9T 04 (HSC243)
Monitor, handle and maintain materials and equipment

For further information on this qualification please contact
Care Scotland on 0845 213 5471

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