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									plastic surgery                                                                                     of the Nose

Deformities of the external nose, such as, a hump        In addition to the skill of the surgeon, the patient's   final result can be seen. Just how much
on the top of the nose, a nose that is too long or too   realistic expectations about the results of the          improvement will occur depends on the
wide, or a nose that is deformed through injury or       surgery and his/her general emotional state are          individual's physical characteristics and the extent
because of birth defects; obstructions in the nose       important considerations. Mental attitude is as          of the surgery.
that cause breathing or sinus problems and and           important as the ability to heal in evaluating
headaches are external and internal conditions of        candidates for facial plastic surgery.                   THE RISKS
the nose that can be corrected by plastic surgery.                                                                The risks are minimal. There are inherent risks in
                                                         Once the surgery is agreed upon, preoperative            any surgical undertaking, however, and these
Rhinoplasty is the name of the operation that            photographs are taken to help the surgeon plan the       should be discussed thoroughly with your surgeon.
corrects deformities of the external nose. In a          operation. These photographs usually are                 Many thousands of nasal operations are performed
Rhinoplasty, incisions are placed just inside the rim    compared with similar ones taken sometime after          successfully each year.
of the nostrils. Occasionally, a very short incision     the surgery and serve as a permanent before-and-
across the skin between the nostrils is required.        after record of the results.                             COSTS
The soft tissues of the nose are then carefully                                                                   Fees for cosmetic surgery and operative facilities
separated from the underlying cartilage and bone.        WHERE SURGERY IS PERFORMED                               vary widely and depend on the extent and the
The offending structures are removed and the             The operation is usually performed in a hospital. It     complexity of the surgery. Your surgeon and his
remaining cartilage and bones are reshaped.              can be performed safely on an outpatient basis, but      staff will discuss costs before the operation. Fees
                                                         the physician may recommend a short stay in the          for cosmetic surgery, generally, are expected to be
Rhinoplasty can be performed in conjunction with         hospital.                                                paid in advance because this type of surgery
reconstructive septal surgery to relieve                                                                          usually is not covered by insurance. If the purpose
obstructions inside the nose. When this is done,         Keeping the patient comfortable                          of the cosmetic surgery is to correct functional
the operation is called a septorhinoplasty. In a         On the day of the surgery, preoperative medications      impairment, an insurance company may allow
septorhinoplasty, the obstruction is removed             to relive tension and local anesthetics to numb the      partial payment. The best way to find out if a claim
through internal incisions and the interior of the       nose during the surgery commonly are                     will be considered, is to consult your insurance
nose is restructured. A small splint is usually          administered. General anesthesia is often                company prior to the operation. Many times, this
placed on the external nose for a few days and a         administered for this surgery.                           consultation can be facilitated by our office staff.
light internal dressing may be applied.
                                                         THE IMMEDIATE AFTER-EFFECTS
These procedures usually take between 1 to 2             After the operation, some swelling and bruising of         Pre and Post Operative Photographs
hours depending on the amount of work that must          the nose and eyelids can be expected. The swelling
be done.                                                 usually subsides within the first few days, and the
                                                         bruising subsides within a couple of weeks. There
DECIDING ON AN OPERATION                                 may be mild discomfort for a short time after the
Anyone interested in cosmetic or functional surgery      surgery, but this usually is controlled easily with
of the nose should consult a competent facial            medication. Significant pain is quite rare.
plastic surgeon. During the initial visit, the
surgeon makes a thorough evaluation the external         THE RESULTS TO EXPECT
and internal shape of an individual's nose to            Significant improvement may be noticed as soon as
determine whether surgery is indicated. He will          the splint is removed from the nose. Several weeks
then discuss any questions or concerns related to        to several months must pass, though, before the
the surgery.

   Pre and Post Operative Photographs

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