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					Mihir Shah
Dr. James Lipuma
English 352-104

                   Residence Life at NJIT
                     Proposal by: Mihir Shah
April 13, 2006

Lynn Riker
Director of Residence Life
180 Bleeker Street
Newark, NJ 07103-3513
Fax: 973-596-8197

Dear Lynn Riker,

I am writing you this letter regarding the research and information that I did for the
residence life of students who live here at NJIT each semester. I talked to Steven Tolman
regarding the information of the expenses to stay here on campus, and I was surprised to
know that the prices for living on campus will increase and the students did not receive
their mails properly.

I know one of the reasons why the prices of tuition are increasing because of Congress
and recently New Jersey’s Governor had a huge amount of cuts in college funding. So
due to that our tuition for each semester has been increased, that has effected each an
every student here at NJIT. At NJIT we have to pay the fees for our studies and the
students who are staying here on campus they have to pay more than what any non-
campus student is paying. So in this case does college have to increase their rates on top
of the new increased fees for studies?

I am looking forward to chat with you regarding the solution. Please feel free to contact
me on this number (201)988-5634. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward
to speaking with you.


Mihir Shah
I. Problem regarding receiving mails

        We all know that how important education is in everyone’s life. With education
we get knowledge, and with knowledge we get new ideas to get a job, or to start new
business. All this would not be possible without the schools and colleges. So as we all are
aware that all the universities are providing the edge of knowledge. So that’s why all
universities including NJIT are providing Dorm facilities. These facilities provides
students to stay near college, easy access to library, computer labs, professors office and
also a cafeteria where they have their morning breakfast, lunch and dinner. While the
college is offering these facilities to the students who are coming far away from home,
the students have to pay for the college fees and also for dorm.
        There are four locations at NJIT for students to stay on campus, which are
Cypress Hall, Laurel Hall, Redwood Hall and Oak Hall. Cypress Hall has a capacity of
420 students capacity, Laurel Hall has 598 students capacity, Redwood Hall has 200
students capacity, and Oak Hall has 230 students capacity. Now every semester at least
NJIT has 1450 students staying on campus. But I have found that students who stays at
college dorm they have difficulty receiving their mails. The college has provided them a
mail box excess, but still they don’t receive their mail properly. The problems starts
where the students last or the first name is same. This is the common problem that some
students are facing here at NJIT. I know that all the universities have the setback in
dorms. But here at NJIT when ever any students complain about any mail being miss-
placed the authorities of Dorm at Cypress Hall they take all the complaints and try to
track the mail.
        Now it’s not easy to track each an every mail that comes in or is misplaced.
That’s why I suggest that each an every students should be given their own P O Box # on
which they will receive their mail. I have noticed that all the mail boxes have a room
number on it, and still students don’t receive their mails on dorms properly. If there is any
important mail of student and its lost then there is a problem in a mailing system.
        So that’s the reason why I suggest that instead of having a mail box number, it
should could be changed to P O Box # so at least they will receive their mails on time.

Cost and Benefit
        The cost for NJIT will be to change the room number to P O Box # that I don’t
think that will cost too much for that. The benefit will be the students will receive their
mail and the department of Residence Life will not get any complaints regarding
misplacing mails. In this way the students and the staff both will be happy.
II. Stabilizing fees for dorms

         Due to the cut in the college funding, students who are eligible for federal or state
grant will receive less money for their studies. This is the major problem but I would like
to concentrate on the fact that NJIT will increase the rates of dorms 4-7 percent. For
example, students at Cypress Hall are paying at present $2,987.00 for living and for meal
if they have Plan A which cost $1,299.00 for each student, that will add up to $4,286 per
student and for 420 students it will be $1,800,120 for each semester. So if the rates are
increased by lets say 5% then the cost for Cypress Hall will increase up to $2,700,180. If
this is applies for all four Halls then there will be very less students who will stay on
campus and study.
         The consequences of increasing rates can be a bad idea and due to that students
may not return back to dorm. This will be a major loss for the Residence Life committee.
We all want to stay on campus and study, because the opportunity that we are getting to
live on our own and to prepare ourselves for our future. I think NJIT is playing an
important role to prepare us to achieve our goal.
         I think for this year the NJIT should not increase the rates more than 3 percent.
This will also help students and their parents who may be paying for the college. We
cannot stop Congress to stop cutting the college funds, but at least NJIT could make an
effort to help students for paying less for staying on campus.