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					Breakout Trip Summary - Fall Break 2011

Trip Title:     Business in the Bayou: Social Entrepreneurship and the Power of New Ideas
Location:       New Orleans

            First                                    Last                       Year
Leader 1    Eric                                     Donado                                     2013
Leader 2    Jason                                    Ramirez                                    2013
Coordinator Claire                                   Cole                                       2012

Trip Description (You can copy-paste the blurb from the website)
 New Orleans has been called “the coolest start-up city in America.” It stands at a unique crossroads for the future of Amer
 some of the fundamental questions about business and its impact on society.

 Participants on this trip will explore social entrepreneurship, seeking to look past common buzzwords to attain an in
 entrepreneurs face in the start-up and growth phase. Participants will engage in service with ventures that are tackling issu
 eco-consumerism in the framework of profit-driven businesses. They will have the chance to meet with business leaders, ac
 New Orleans. Participants will also engage with the unique cultural history of New Orleans, exploring some of the food, mu
 the spirit of New Orleans, participants will better understand why innovation has taken the form it has in New Orleans and
 do. Key issues explored include the distinction between partnership with and exploitation of the marginalized, the unique c
 stricken markets, and what role, if any, the government should play in encouraging innovation focused on a double
 and return to campus on November 5.

                How you got there                    Princeton Bus

                How you got around                   Rental vans

                Where you stayed                     Handson New Orleans BunkHouse
                Type of Lodging                      Volunteer house
                Location                             Central City
                Website (if applicable)    
                Price per person per night
                Would you recommend?                 Yes

                Where did you buy food?              Packed sandwiches for lunch

What did you do for the community service component of your trip?
 Painted houses for Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, a non-profit that renovates abandoned homes and sells them to teacher
 Farming work for Sheaux Fresh, an urban farm
 Painted for Liberty's Kitchen, a restaurant that provides employment and training/education to delinquent youth

Summary of Community Partners
Community Partner
Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans
Mayor's Office of Economic Development
Levy-Rosenblum Institute, Tulane U
Idea Village
Sheaux Fresh
Youth Rebuilding New Orleans
Greencoast Enterprises

Breakout New Orleans: Business in the Bayou: Social Entrepreneurship and the Pow

              Saturday 29                Sunday 30              Monday 31
  8:00-8:30                              Bus to EWR             Breakfast, shower
  9:00-9:30                                                     Meeting with Andrea
 9:30-10:00                              Check-in, bag          Chen, SENO
10:00-10:30                              check, security
11:00-11:30                                                      Service with Will
11:30-12:00                              EWR-CLT-MSY             Stoudt, YRNO
12:00-12:30                              in two different groups Lunch
 12:30-1:00                              because of weather
  1:00-1:30   NOTE: SATURDAY             delays yesterday
  1:30-2:00   WAS CANCELLED
  2:00-2:30   BECAUSE OF
  2:30-3:00   BLIZZARD                   Bag pickup, car
  3:00-3:30                              rental, drive to       Meeting with Kyle
  3:30-4:00                              BunkHouse              Berner at Tulane,
  4:00-4:30                                                     discuss business and
  4:30-5:00                                                     project deliverables
  5:00-5:30                                                     for the week
  5:30-6:00                              Settling in,
  6:00-6:30                              buying groceries,      Dinner back home
  6:30-7:00                              make dinner, etc.
  8:00-8:30   Group dinner               Discussion:             Halloween in the
  8:30-9:00   and a movie                                        Haunted City
                                         expectations for the trip

What was your "wow" moment - a time when the group clicked, a huge lesson was
 Working on the farm with Sheaux Fresh was a great way to combine the three tenets of our trip: community service, exper
 standpoint. Participants were all excited to finally get their hands dirty and engage with a business that was organic and in
 plot outside the original family farm started a few years ago)

Do you have any advice for future leaders planning a trip in your city on how to ge
For night time activity: definitely enjoy the French Quarter, but avoid Bourbon Street (most of our participants were not fan
feel, awesome live music in every hole in the wall, and great opportunities to interact with very interesting people. Food: m
Kitchen) and must make a stop at Cafe Du Monde for some fresh baked beignets (across from Jackson Square). Sightseeing:
(sites that might be of interest to BreakOut trips) courtesy of United Saints Recovery Project: 504-895-2922 Ext. 108

What would you have done differently during the planning process? Did you do any
Planning was relatively painless, as we were able to tap into the energy around the social entrepreneurship network in New
although we benefitted from great recommendations once on the ground.

We got a great feel for the intangibles in terms of group dynamics by getting a little more creative with application question
participants to tweet something about themselves we may not have known otherwise from reading their application). This g
play what role in the group. We also made it a point to dedicate one pre-trip activiity to a fun activity outside explicit prepa
meeting was to discuss readings for a meeting in New Orleans, but we decided to scratch those plans and opted for ice crea
ower of New Ideas

e crossroads for the future of America’s urban centers- a city that is rebuilding itself by rethinking

on buzzwords to attain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and motivations social
 with ventures that are tackling issues as far-ranging as affordable housing, educational equity, and
ce to meet with business leaders, academics, and government officials entrusted with improving
 ns, exploring some of the food, music, and art of the city throughout the week. By experiencing
the form it has in New Orleans and why entrepreneurs address pressing issues the way that they
on of the marginalized, the unique challenges of designing profitable business models in poverty-
 vation focused on a double-bottom line. Participants will depart for New Orleans on October 29

ed homes and sells them to teachers at subsidized prices

ation to delinquent youth
preneurship and the Power of New Ideas

        Tuesday 1                    Wednesday 2                Thursday 3
        Breakfast                                               Work on projects at
        Service with Sheaux Fresh    Service with Sheaux
        Discuss business and project Fresh
        deliverables for the week

                                                                Volunteer with Liberty's
        Lunch, discussion of projects Lunch                     Lunch, Liberty's Kitchen
        Work on projects at Tulane

        Tour: Lower Ninth Ward, stop Meeting with Professors    Meeting with Nadiyah
        at Our School at Blair Groceryfrom Tulane on the        Coleman, former head
        Green Taxi Co and Wetlands power of business to         of the Office of Social
        Restoration Network           rebuild American cities   Entrepreneurship for
                                                                Governor Landrieu

                                                                Alumni Dinner, Café
        Dinner, free time            Dinner with Thaddeus
                                     and Tamara, French

        Discussion                   Discussion                 Last minute prep for
        Definition of social         Merits of focusing on      projects
        entrepreneurship             social mission in business

cked, a huge lesson was learned, or you felt completely inspired by something?
 our trip: community service, experience with a business, and understanding from an academic
 a business that was organic and in early stages of growth (we helped cultivate Sheaux Fresh's first

n your city on how to get around, places to eat/sightsee, or other tips?
ost of our participants were not fans). Take a trek down Frenchman Street instead--much more local
th very interesting people. Food: make sure to eat a po boy (best one we had was at Liberty's
 from Jackson Square). Sightseeing: opportunities for off-the-beaten-path tours of New Orleans
          895-2922 Ext. 108

process? Did you do anything creative to plan and organize that others should try?
 l entrepreneurship network in New Orleans. Would have explored tourist attractions more in detail,

e creative with application questions that did not have explcit connections to the trip (we asked the
om reading their application). This gave us a great opportunity to determine who would potentially
a fun activity outside explicit preparation for the trip. We had told the students that our last
h those plans and opted for ice cream instead.
             Friday 4                  Saturday 5
             Arrive at Tulane
             to work on project
                                       Breakfast in the
                                       French Quarter
             Final presentations       Shopping

with Liberty's                         Depart for Princeton


             Free time around the

             Meeting with Reuben

             Dinner in the French
             Quarte (Acme Oyster
             House), jazz show

             Ice cream back home

             Bringing it back to
             Princeton, carrying
             the torch in real world

pired by something?
 other tips?
 more local

 that others should try?
re in detail,

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