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					                                          The Responder
                                                                                                                Chester County
                                                                                                                 Department of
                                                                                                                Emergency Ser-
                                                                                                                 601 Westtown
                                                    An informational source for the                              Road,
                                                Emergency Responders of Chester County                          Suite 12
                                                                                                         West Chester, PA 19380
                                                               June 2006                                      610.344.5000

                                        Re-Banding Update
                   The Federal      4,100 radios in the Chester       review documents from the          $150,000,000 to replace the
                   Communica-       County system should be           TA.                                entire Chester County 800
                   tion Com-        borne by Chester County since                                        MHz radio system
                   mission          eventually Chester County will    •    Sprint/Nextel believes we
                   (FCC) or-        need new radios. We believe       should be able to manage the       •   If the EF Johnson Ascend
                   dered Re-        this is a Re-banding cost since   project with about ¼ the ef-       portable and mobile radios
                   Banding of       the only reason we are exam-      fort we have documented. We        prove to be satisfactory for
                   the 800 MHz      ining the Ascend radios now is    will vigorously oppose any         public safety use, then Sprint/
                   band contin-     they are the only ones that       such reduction.                    Nextel will pay an estimated
ues to be a difficult endeavor.     can be used to Re-Band our                                           $18,500,000 to retune the
                                                                      •    Sprint/Nextel thinks we       transmitter/receiver infra-
                                    current EF Johnson system.
On 21 April we held another                                           can accomplish required fed-       structure and to replace ap-
conference call with us, the        • Sprint/Nextel does not          eral, state and county legal       proximately 4,100 current
FCC appointed Transition            think that the effort required    reviews in about ¼ the time        generation radios with the new
Administrator (TA) and              to ensure freedom from co-        we have estimated.                 Ascend products. A decision
Sprint/Nextel. The goal of the      channel and adjacent fre-                                            on the initial product qualifi-
                                                                      There is a major disagreement
conference call was to reach        quency interference from                                             cation testing is scheduled to
                                                                      over how much time we will
agreement on the Chester            Channel 69 in Allentown is a                                         be completed by 22 May.
                                                                      require for negotiation sup-
County Request for Planning         Re-Banding cost. We believe       port.                              As of 15 May, our current
Funding (RFPF) that is au-          it is a valid Re-Banding cost
thorized by FCC Report and          since the only reason we would    As of this writing, there is no    spare radio inventory is: 22
Order #02-55. The current           consider moving to a fre-         indication as to when the Me-      Avenger portables, 37 Viking
Chester County RFPF is for          quency close to Channel 69 is     diation process will begin.        portables and 16 Summit mo-
the $548,890.67 that we be-         to support Re-Banding.            Following the mediation to         biles. We are discussing the
lieve, and have thoroughly                                            resolve the planning funding,      purchase of additional used
researched and documented, is       • Sprint/Nextel agrees that       the Department of Emergency        equipment that will allow us
needed for us to plan for the       we need to do Benchmark test-     Services will enter into discus-   to maintain operations on the
safe, effective and efficient Re-   ing to document the perform-      sions and negotiations with        current system until a final
Banding of the EF Johnson           ance of our current system.       Sprint/Nextel to actually be-      Re-Banding course of action is
800 MHz voice radio system          The issue is they think the       gin the physical process of Re-    decided.
that is used by the Chester         task can be completed in less     Banding the Chester County
                                    than 1/3 of the time we pro-                                         The next step in the process
County Emergency Respond-                                             800 MHz radio system. The          for us will be to prepare for
ers. Unfortunately, we were         pose and have documented.         two possible scenarios cur-        Mediation by the TA. Right
unable to reach agreement           • We have a major disagree-       rently under discussion are:       now we are reviewing our
with Sprint/Nextel so the case      ment on the extent of cover-                                         documentation and holding
will be referred by the TA to       age testing that is required
                                                                      •    If the EF Johnson Ascend
                                                                                                         discussions with our legal con-
the TA Chief Mediator. The                                            portables and mobiles are not
                                    post Re-Banding. Sprint/                                             sultant so that we can make as
specific issues for mediation                                         satisfactory for public safety
                                    Nextel believes a cursory test                                       good of a presentation as pos-
are:                                                                  use, and the FCC and Sprint/
                                    is sufficient. We insist that a                                      sible when we engage in Me-
                                                                      Nextel want to continue with
• Sprint/Nextel believes the        thorough test is required.                                           diation. We will keep you in-
                                                                      Re-Banding, then Sprint/
costs for qualifying the new                                                                             formed as we move forward.
                                    • There is a disagreement         Nextel will spend somewhere
EF Johnson Ascend radios as         over how long we will need to     between an estimated
suitable replacements for the                                         $125,000,000 and
Page 2                                                                                                                The Responder

                                         Mass Casualty Response Exercise

On Saturday May 13th the Department of Emergency Services and the Chester County Economic Development Council spon-
sored a functional exercise, run by our contractor, Binns and Associates, at the Exton Square Mall. This was the second step in
a process intended to develop the skills of County providers to provide effective EMS treatment at a mass casualty scene.
The exercise scenario involved a small school bus transporting disabled students from a local private school being struck be a
private vehicle fleeing an armed robbery at a jewelry store in the mall. The victims included two robbers, one deceased and the
other still brandishing a handgun. There were fifteen injured students and attendants on the bus with various traumatic inju-
As a functional exercise the participants utilized a scale map and miniature fire trucks, ambulances and police cars to show
what they would do. Unified command was set up, EMS positions in incident command were appointed, command vest were
utilized, and triage was done using the new SMART triage system. All of the patients were transported to appropriate facilities
within one hour of the time the second robbery suspect was disarmed and the scene was declared safe.
The purpose of this series of mass casualty drills and exercises is to heighten awareness of the newly revised Chester County
EMS Mass Casualty Response Plan, ensure that providers are becoming proficient in use of the colored tarps and SMART tri-
age tags that we recently distributed and that all personnel have received adequate training on ICS and NIMS.
The third and final portion of this contract calls for Binns and Associates to hold a full-scale exercise, which will be on Sunday
Sept. 17, 2006 at the Exton Square Mall. More information will be distributed to services involved shortly OR you can contact
Kelly Rhoades of Binns and Associates at if you want to participate.

                                           Lightning Safety Plan
                 A lightning safety           How far am I (or the group I am re-           DO NOT wait for
                 plan should be an            sponsible for) from that location?            the rain to start
                 integral part of the                                                       before seeking shel-
                                              How long will it take me (or my
                 planning process                                                           ter, and do not
                                              group) to get there?
for any outdoor event. Do not wait                                                          leave shelter just because the rain
for storm clouds to develop before            Knowing the answers to these ques-            has ended.
considering what to do should light-          tions will greatly reduce your chances
                                                                                            Some common lightning myths A.
ning threaten!                                of being struck by lightning, provided
                                                                                            Benjamin Franklin's kite was
                                                                you know them BE-
Detailed weather forecasts are accu-                                                        NEVER struck by lightning! B.
                                                                FORE thunder-
rate only out to seven days at best,                                                        Lightning does NOT ALWAYS
                                                                storms threaten!
but outdoor events often are                                                                strike the tallest object, only the tall-
planned many months in advance.                                                             est object in a particular area. C.
Because of this limitation, every             The 30/30 rule                                Lightning can strike ANY object in
outdoor event coordinator should              Any lightning safety plan should in-                             its path, not just
consider the possibility of lightning,        corporate the 30/30 Rule. The 30/30                              metal only. D. Just
especially if the event is scheduled          Rule states that people should seek                              because it is not
during the late                               shelter if the "Flash-To-Bang" delay                             raining at your lo-
spring to early                               (length of time in seconds between a          cation and you hear thunder, it is
autumn months.                                lightning flash and its subsequent            possible for you to be struck by light-
                                              thunder), is 30 seconds or less, and          ning. In fact, most people stuck by
                                              that they remain under cover until 30         lightning each year are in rain free
The key to an effective lightning
                                              minutes after the final clap of thun-         areas around thunderstorms. E.
safety action plan lies in your an-
                                              der. Studies have shown most people           Rubber sole shoes (or rubber tires)
swers to the following questions:
                                              struck by lightning are struck not at         offer no protection from lighting by
Where is the safest lightning shel-           the height of a thunderstorm, but be-         acting as an insulator.
ter?                                          fore and after the storm has peaked.
                                                                                            Article provided by NOAA / National
                                                                                            Weather Service
June 2006                                                                                                                     Page 3

  Chester County EMS Council Annual Awards Ceremony
   The Chester County EMS        Council President, former      Year was awarded to            were also presented with
   Council, Inc. held its        ER nurse at Southern           Frank Rutan for his sig-       awards for their cardiac
   Awards Ceremony on May        Chester County Medical         nificant contribution to       arrest save while working
   10th at the Fame Fire         Center and Chester                                            for Parkesburg Fire Co..
   Company in West Chester.      County Hospital and was                                       Ambulance. Not able to
   This was the second time      one of the individuals who                                    be present to receive their
   the newly renovated           worked tirelessly to pro-                                     awards were Connie Roe-
   awards have been pre-         mote the establishment of                                     mer, Jeffrey Zieber,
   sented to worthy Chester      9-1-1 in Chester County.                                      Teresa Patton David
   County EMS providers          He is currently the Post                                      High, and Luann Chil-
   and citizens. A total of 23   Traumatic Stress Disorder                                     cote, all for cardiac arrest
   personnel were presented      director for the Coatesville                                  saves.
                                                                Telecommunicator of the Year
   with various awards by        Veterans Administration                                       Pre-Hospital Delivery
                                                                J.J. Moore, Director Ed At-
   dignitaries including Com-    Hospital. He is also the       kins and Bureau of EMS         Commendations were pre-
   missioner Andrew Dinni-       current clinical coordina-     Director Joe Schmider          sented to: Eric Larson and
   man, DES Director Ed          tor for the Chester County                                    Maryann McCarthy, from
   Atkins, Dept. of Health,      CISM Team.                     the education of EMS           Avondale Fire Co. Ambu-
   Bureau of EMS Director        The Distinguished Service      students. Unfortunately        lance, for assisting the
   Joe Schmider, Mrs. Mar-       Award was presented to         Frank could not be in at-      mother in delivery of a
   garet Hoover Brigham, a       Leo Scaccia, from Bran-        tendance.                      baby boy, Robert Gal-
   founder of the Chester        dywine Hospital, for his       The Telecommunicator of        lucci and Robert Shimer,
   County EMS Council,           outstanding achievements       the Year Award was pre-        from Pomeroy Fire Co.
   Inc., and Robert Hotch-       and involvement in the         sented to JJ Moore, from       Ambulance, for assisting
   kiss, Jr., President of the   EMS system in Chester          Chester County Dept. of        the mother in delivery of a
   Chester County EMS            County.                        Emergency Services for         baby girl, John Rich and
                                                                his significant contribu-      Scott Weaver, from Sads-
                                 The Meritorious Service
                                                                tion as a DES Telecom-         buryville Fire Company
                                 Award was presented to
                                                                municator.                     QRS, for assisting the
                                 John Applegate, from
                                                                The Distinguished Unit         mother in delivery of a
                                 Uwchlan Ambulance for
                                                                Award was presented to         baby girl, Michael Paw-
                                 his leadership of the Ches-
                                                                Uwchlan Ambulance              lowski, from Chester
                                 ter County EMS Task
                                                                Corps. for their dedicated     County 9-1-1, for assisting
                                 Force during their deploy-
                                                                service to the community       the mother in delivery of a
                                 ment to Hurricane
                                                                that they serve and their      baby boy, and Kristen
                                                                initiation of ALS service.     Bones, from Chester
                                 The ALS Provider of the                                       County 9-1-1 for assisting
                                                                Clinical Save Commenda-
                                 Year Award was pre-                                           the mother in delivery of a
                                                                tions were presented to
     Margaret Hoover Brigham     sented to Donald Keith,                                       baby girl. Not able to be
                                                                Chris Dunlap, Polly
    Award Recipient, Jim Goss    from Southern Chester                                         present to receive their
                                                                Beebe, and Steve Beebe
      (middle) with President    County EMS, for his long                                      awards were Maryann
    Robert Hotchkiss & DES Di-                                  for their successful cardiac
                                 term, dedicated involve-                                      McCarthy and Brian Cas-
          rector Ed Atkins                                      arrest save while working
                                 ment as an ALS provider.                                      son for assisting in deliv-
                                                                for Washington Hose Co.
                                                                                               ery of a baby boy.
                                 The BLS Provider of the        Ambulance. Rich
   Council, Inc. The Marga-
                                 Year Award was pre-            Klingler, Chris Smith, and     We would like to thank all
   ret Hoover Brigham, the
                                 sented to Charles Lang,        Ford Smith were pre-           the providers and family
   Council’s highest award,
                                 from Goshen Fire Co. Am-       sented with awards for         members who came to the
   for long-term dedication
                                 bulance, for his long term,    their cardiac arrest save      awards ceremony.
   and service to the EMS
                                 dedicated involvement as       while working for Parkes-
   system in Chester County,
                                 a BLS provider.                burg Fire Co. Ambulance.
   was presented to Jim
                                                                Scot Kreger, Scott Helm,
   Goss. Jim is a former EMS     The EMS Educator of the
                                                                and Stephanie Klingler,
June 2006                                                                                                     Page 4

                                           DES Monthly Update

9-1-1 Operations: The 9-1-1 Operations Center processed 25,070 calls in April. This is about 835 per day.
There were 1,051 Fire Dispatches and 2,707 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Dispatches. The average
Fire/EMS dispatch time was 1 minute and 26 seconds. There were 23,794 police responses for the month of
April. The average police dispatch time was 1 minute and 43 seconds. We conducted 312 formal quality
reviews for telephone, radio and Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD). The combined weighted average of
97% remains well above the Department objective of 90%.

Emergency Management: There were two HazMat Team responses and one HazMat Staff response in
April. For the year there have been eight Team responses and eight Staff responses. Last month the
Emergency Management Division reviewed the emergency plans for 12 hazardous chemical storage facili-
ties, two schools, three day care facilities and two dams. The Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station exer-
cise was successfully completed on 25 April.

Fire Services: In cooperation with local fire marshals, the County Fire Marshals conducted 36 investiga-
tions in April. So far this year the County Fire Marshals have conducted 135 investigations. There were
175 fire inspections last month. So far this year there have been 865 inspections. There were seven Fire
Training Classes with 170 graduates. So far this year there have been 503 graduates.

                              Have a request for audio from an incident??

    Requests from the Quality Division can be placed quickly and easily over the internet. Just go to and look for the incident request forms on the forms/downloads page. After you an-
swer a few short questions your request will be submitted to a member of our Quality Assurance Division,
and you will hear back within 3-5 days. Audio processing usually takes 7-10 business days, and there may
be a charge for some requests. Please follow all the instructions with the forms for the most efficient proc-
                                           essing of your request.

                                                CERT Training
On Saturday, May 13th,       Emergency Response           layed or they become        Fire Safety, Light Search
an additional seven Ches-    Teams, are comprised of      overwhelmed during a        and Rescue, First Aid,
ter County Citizens joined   citizen volunteers trained   disaster event.             Evacuation and assisting
the ranks of those trained   to assist                                                with Damage Assessment.
                                                                     The citizen
as SEPA VOAD CERT            emer-                                                     These new Citizen Volun-
volunteers.                  gency                                                    teers in addition to those
                                                                    attend 12
                             person-                                                  previously trained are
 The (SEPA) Southeast-                                              hours of train-
                             nel when                                                 ready to help protect and
ern Pennsylvania Volun-                                             ing where
                             their                                                    assist their neighbors in
tary Organizations Active                                           they are in-
                             response                                                 an emergency.
in Disaster and the                                                 troduced to
                             is de-
(CERT) Community                                                    the areas of
June 2006                                                                                                                 Page 5

                  The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Emmitsburg, MD - The             resulted from various
National Fallen Firefight-       causes, including: motor        other resulted in two fire-      while California, Pennsyl-
ers Foundation (NFFF)            vehicle accidents while en      fighters becoming                vania, and Texas each
and the Department of            route to or returning from      trapped. The wild land           had 8 firefighters die in
Homeland Security's U.S.         emergency calls, training       incidents involved aircraft      the line of duty.
Fire Administration an-          incidents, building col-        crashes.                         Hal Bruno, Chairman of
nounce that the 25th an-         lapses, being struck by         Wild land fires, controlled      the NFFF Board of Direc-
nual National Fallen Fire-       objects (vehicles, trees) at    burns and aircraft train-        tors, stated: "Survivors
fighters Memorial Week-          the incident                               ing/certification     and members of the fire
end will be held October         scene, falls,                              for wild land fire    service travel from across
7-8, 2006. A plaque with         heart at-               For more           protection re-        the country to honor their
the names of 98 firefight-       tacks, air                                 sulted in 10          loved ones and fallen com-
                                                    information on the
ers who died in the line of      tanker and                                 deaths. Six of        rades at the Memorial
                                                   Memorial Weekend, the firefighters             Weekend. They receive
duty in 2005 will be added       helicopter
to the National Fallen           crashes,               contact the         died while pilot-     emotional support and
Firefighters Memorial,           electrocu-         Foundation or visit     ing air tankers       meet others who suffered
located on the National          tion, drown-       or helicopters.       loss. The Foundation's
Fire Academy campus.             ing, assault,                              Of the firefight-     services are offered to the
The names of six firefight-      and burns.                                 ers being hon-        families and colleagues of
ers who died in previous         Four multi-                                ored this year,       fallen firefighters not only
years will also be added.        ple fatality incidents ac-      63 were volunteer fire-          following a line-of-duty
The plaques surrounding          counted for ten deaths          fighters, 37 were career         death but for years to
the Memorial, which was          Two multiple fatality in-       and 4 were contract fire-        come."
established in 1981, will        cidents occurred at struc-      fighters.
contain the names of more        tural fires while the other
than 3,000 firefighters.         two occurred during wild        New York had the Na-
Thirty-three states ex-          land operations. One            tion's greatest number of
perienced line-of-duty           structural incident in-         line-of-duty firefighter
deaths in 2005. Deaths           volved an explosion. The        deaths in 2005 with 17;

                                          2006 Peach Bottom Exercise
Congratulations to Chester       as they would in an actual      The demonstrations oc-          and their contracted evalua-
county’s first-responders        emergency. No Deficiencies     curred as follows:               tion team has underscored
who demonstrated a high          and no Areas Requiring Cor-                                     Chester County’s Emergency
level of effectiveness to pro-                                  APRIL 25, 2006: School
                                 rective Action (ARCA) were                                      Responders as being ahead
tect the health and safety of                                   Districts (9:00 a.m. to 11:00
                                 found. In addition, several                                     of the curve. The County’s
the public in the event of a                                    a.m.)
                                 noteworthy observations                                         effective implementation of
nuclear incident at the          related to effective back-up   County EOC & West Not-           the National Incident Man-
Peach Bottom Atomic              actions on the part of our     tingham Twp. EOC (4:30           agement System (NIMS),
Power Station!                   ARES/RACES organization        p.m. to 10:00 p.m.)              and utilization of up-to-date
The results of the two-day       and the thoroughness dem-                                       communication systems as
                                                                APRIL 26, 2005: Emer-
full-scale exercise on April     onstrated by the Union and                                      part of our response was also
                                                                gency Worker Monitoring/
25th and 26th yielded high       Cochranville Fire Companies                                     notable.
                                                                Decon Station, Reception/
marks from the federal           based upon their efforts in
                                                                Mass Care Center (7:00 p.m.
evaluators who documented        monitoring and decontami-
                                                                to 9:30 p.m.)
hundreds of “points of re-       nation of the evacuating
view” based on plans and         public and emergency work-      The quick response and pro-
procedures being completed       ers were noted.                ficiency witnessed by FEMA
June 2006                                                                                              Page 6

                                                    Getting to


                                                         Valerie Peck

                                           Valerie Peck joined DES in 1998 as a Support Staff for Ad-
                                           ministration before becoming the Employment Coordina-
tor in 2000. Valerie is the first point of contact when applying for a job in DES. She is the de-
partment’s liaison with Chester County Human Resources.

Valerie recruits and coordinates pre-employment testing for 9-1-1 telecomunicator training. She
starts her recruitment period for each class three months prior. Initially, sending out testing noti-
fication letters, dispensing the pre-employment tests along with criminal background checks on
all test takers. A panel meets to review the applicants’ work experience and their test scores, to
determine which applicants to bring in to interview. Although, the trainers are involved in this
determination, they are not involved in the interview process. Those participants include the
Deputy Director and Assistant Deputy Director for 9-1-1 Communications, radio room supervisors
and the Deputy Director for Administration as well as Valerie.

In addition to 9-1-1 recruiting, a typical day for Valerie entails handling all employee information
and records, new hire process, as well as distributing merit reviews to the managers. She facili-
tates the department’s policy and procedure manual, job descriptions, and the United Way cam-
paign, dress down days, and maintain locker assignments for the radio room personnel. She also
maintains the vacancy report, which provides up-to-date information on all DES job positions for
planning purposes.

Prior to Emergency Services, Valerie was a Senior Asset Marketing Technician with the Resolution
Trust Corporation where she packaged and marketed residential, commercial and consumer loan
transactions from failed savings and loans to investors all across the country. Valerie has also
worked in the mortgage and construction industries. Valerie graduated Summa Cum Laude from
PJA Paralegal School and is currently working towards her Business Management degree.
Valerie resides in Kennett Square with her husband, Rob, daughters Victoria and Christine, mother
Rosaline, two cats and a hamster.

                                       For the last 16 months Chester County Emergency Service Providers
                                       have been donating their Acme receipts to the Chester County Hero
                                       Fund. So far $611,019.93 dollars in receipts have been donated for a
                                       total donation to the Hero Fund of $6,793.89. Thank you to all and
                                       keep donating to this great Fund.
                                       As of July 1, 2006, please mail your receipts to Marge Gordon, County
                                       Coordinator, at 343 St. James Road, West Chester, PA 19382.
Page 7                                                                                                     The Responder

                      Spring 2006 Fire Training Graduates

The graduation ceremonies were held on Monday, May 8, 2006 at Fame Fire Company The guest speaker was
Past Fire Chief Michael Miller of Downingtown Fire Department. Pictured above is DES Director Edward Atkins, the
Fire Instructors and the graduating class. Thanks to Fame Fire Company for use of their facilities and thank you to the
families of the cadets for their support during the grueling 132 hours of class time. Congratulations to all!

                                                           2006 EMT-B Graduation
                                                                 On May 17th, 2006, Chester County Depart-
                                                                 ment of Emergency Services graduated 16
                                                                 students from the EMT Basic Course. Con-
                                                                 gratulations to following: Joseph E. Bour-
                                                                 geois, III, LIMA FIRE CO; Alicia DeLoreto;
                                                                 Robert E. Frazer, UNION FIRE CO; Ed-
                                                                  ward P. Gorrie, GOSHEN FIRE CO; Adam
                                                 Graduate Adam    F. Grossman, SADS-
                                                Grossman and In- BURYVILLE FIRE
                                               structor Tom Mamo
    PEMA Director Jim Joseph                                      CO; Bruce T. Harlan,
    paid Chester County DES a                                     Jr., HONEY
                                              BROOK FIRE CO; Jennifer Hervey, Dar-
           visit in May.                      ren Hume, PARKESBURG FIRE CO;
                                              Brian J. Kubala, WESTWOOD FIRE
                  Visit the DES               CO; Daniel Markle; Larry D. McLain;
                                              David Quinn, VILLANOVA UNIVER-
                  website for current         SITY PUBLIC SAFETY; Christopher
                  training informa-           Repine, LIMA FIRE CO; Emily E. Ridall, Graduate Brian Ku-
                  tion, useful links          MINQUAS FIRE CO; Sheldon P. Steven-           bala (center) and
                                              son, PARKESBURG FIRE CO; Susan              Instructors Anthony
                  and forms.                  Zawacki, RADNOR FIRE CO.                      Giaimo and Tom
        Chester County
Department of Emergency Services
     601 Westtown Road, Suite 12,
       West Chester, PA 19380

   Need COMM-1 for your                    Training Opportunities
                                         Please visit the department website for the
    special community                     most current information or contact the
                                                    appropriate division
          event??                                      Fire Training
                                         June 24       Junior Firefighting
                           for Comm-1
                              can be                 Con-Ed Training
                              placed     June 14       ACLS
                           quickly and                 Contact John Applegate
  easily over the internet. Just go to   June 19       Infants and Children and look for the                    Contact Bob Horton
    Comm-1 request on the forms/
 downloads page. After you answer a            Public Education Team
few short questions your request will
be submitted to one of our event co-
                                                              Provides 9-1-1
  ordinators, and you will hear back                          educational programs
           within 3-5 days.                                   for all ages
   All we request is at least two (2)                         • Attends local
             weeks notice.                                    business meetings
                                                              • Fire Company Fairs
                                                              and Open Houses
   EMERGENCY RESPONSES                                        For more
                                                              information call

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