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					||Research ||Inorganic and Composite Printed Electronics 2012-2022
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Inorganic and Composite Printed Electronics 2012-2022


This report critically compares the options, the trends and the emerging applications. It is the
first in the world to comprehensively cover this exciting growth area. The emphasis is on
technology basics, commercialisation and the key players.

This report is suitable for all companies developing or interested in the opportunity of printed or
thin film electronics materials, manufacturing technologies or complete device fabrication and

Technologies covered
The report considers inorganic printed and thin film electronics for displays, lighting,
semiconductors, sensors, conductors, photovoltaics, batteries and memory giving detailed
company profiles not available elsewhere. The coverage is global - with companies from East
Asia to Europe to America all included.

The application of the technology in relation to other types such as organic electronics and
silicon chips is given, with detailed information clearly summarised in over 160 tables and

Elements being targeted
In order to meet the widening variety of needs for printed and potentially printed electronics, not
least in flexible, low cost form, a rapidly increasing number of elements are being brought to
bear. Oxides, amorphous mixtures and alloys are particularly in evidence. Even the so-called
organic devices such as OLEDs variously employ such materials as B, Al and Ti oxides and
nitrides as barrier layers against water and oxygen, Al, Cu, Ag and indium tin oxide as
conductors, Ca or Mg cathodes and CoFe nanodots, Ir and Eu in light emitting layers, for
This report is essential for all those wishing to understand this technology, the players,
opportunities and applications, to ensure they are not surpassed.

Table of Contents :

1.1. Printed electronics - reasons why
1.2. Impact of printed electronics on conventional electronics
1.3. Progress so far
1.3.1. The age of silicon
1.3.2. The dream of organic electronics
1.3.3. The example of smart clothing
1.3.4. Slow progress with organic conductors
1.3.5. Boron nitride - tailoring carbon composites
1.4. The new inorganic printed and thin film devices
1.4.1. Rapidly widening choice of elements - dj vu
1.4.2. Example - printed lighting
1.4.3. Example - printed photodetectors
1.4.4. Inorganic barrier layers - alumina, silicon nitride, boron nitride etc
2.1. Inorganic compound semiconductors for transistors
2.1.1. Learning how to print inorganic compound transistors
2.1.2. Zinc oxide based transistor semiconductors and Samsung breakthrough
2.1.3. More work on inorganic transistors: Progress at Evonik
2.1.4. Amorphous InGaZnO
2.1.5. Gallium-indium hydroxide nanoclusters

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