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									                                         SULING ZHANG
51R Reading Rd.                                                            Web:
Edison, New Jersey 08817                                                          Phone: (732) 910-6769
                                                                                    Fax: (631) 925-4312
US Visa Status: Permanent Resident                                                 Email:

New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ                               September, 2003 - present
Ph.D. candidate in Information Systems, GPA: 4.0
Expected completion date: May, 2007
Ph.D. thesis title: Leader Delegation in Virtual Teams
Advisor:            Dr. Marilyn Tremaine and Dr. Jerry Fjermestad
Committee:          Dr. Marilyn Tremaine, Dr. Jerry Fjermestad, Dr. Roxanne Hiltz, Dr. Allen Milewski, Dr.
                    Surinder Kahai (New York State University at Binghamton)
University of North Texas, Denton, TX                                        December, 2002
M.S. Information Technology, GPA: 4.0
China University of Politics and Law, Beijing, China                          July, 2000
B.A. English Literature (Minor in Law), GPA: 3.8

Virtual Team Leadership, Cross-culture Virtual Team, Virtual Team Development, Small Business
Information Technology Management, Inter-organizational Collaboration in Small Businesses

Leadership style and leader traits in virtual team environment                           2003-present
Communication and Decision-making in Small Businesses                                    2003-present
Social Aspects and Interface design of Pervasive computing and location-aware systems    2004
Measuring work relationship formation in Computer-Mediated Communication                 2003

Management Information Systems
Business information technologies, business application analysis, design and implementation, business
information system management
Virtual Organization/Team and Leadership
Leadership skills, behaviors and traits in virtual environment, leadership for cross-culture teams,
technological support of virtual team
International Entrepreneurship
Designing and executing ventures that operates in an international context, the managerial processes and
technological aspects of ventures that expands internationally
Web-based business set-up, management, legal and policy issues of E-commerce, designing and
implementing E-commerce websites and support systems
Zhang, S., and Fjermestad, J. (forthcoming), Instant Messaging: Observations from Two E-commerce
Small Businesses, (accepted for publication) Journal of Enterprise Information System

Zhang, S., and Fjermestad, J. (in press), Bridging the Gap between Traditional Leadership Theories and
Virtual Team Leadership, (accepted for publication) International Journal of Technology, Policy and

Fjermestad, J., Kahai, S., Zhang, S. and Avolio, B., (in press), Virtual Team leadership: Beginnings and
Directions, (accepted for publication) International Journal of e-Collaboration

Zhang, S., and Egan, R., Inter-Organizational Communication and Decision Support in Small Businesses:
A Case Study, (accepted for publication) Proceeding of Decision Science Institute 2006 Meeting

Zhang, S., Tremaine, M., Fjermestad, J., Milewski, A and O’Sullivan, P., (2006), Delegation in Virtual
Teams: Moderating Effects of Team Maturity and Team Distance, (accepted for publication) IEEE
International Conference of Global Software Engineering.

Zhang, S., (2005), Inter-Organizational Communication and Decision Support in Small Businesses,
Proceedings of the International Council of Small Businesses 2005 International Conference, Washington,
D. C., U.S.A.

Zhang, S., Fjermestad, J., and Tremaine, M. (2005), Leadership Styles in Virtual Team Context:
Limitations, Solution and Proposition, Proceedings of the 2005 38th Hawaii International Conference on
System Sciences, Hawaii, U.S.A., available in the IEEE digital library

Zhang, S. and Tremaine, M. (2004), Incidental Information Exchange: A Measure for Assessing the
Affect of Mediated Communication on Work Relationships, Proceedings of the 2004 Americas
Conference on Information Systems, New York, NY, U.S.A.

Zhang, S., Tremaine, M., Fjermestad, J., Milewski, A. and Egan, R., Virtual Team Leader Delegations,
working paper

Zhang, S., Turroff, M., and Jones, Q., Interface Design Issues of Ubiquitous Context-aware Applications,
working paper

Zhang, S., Fjermestad, J., Li, Q. and Mendonca, D., Research Methodologies in MIS: Re-analysis of Two
Published Studies, working paper

Courses developed and taught in New Jersey Institute of Technology
Electronic Commerce Requirements and Design (CIS433): jointly developed and taught the
undergraduate-level course that prepares students for designing and implementing e-commerce websites
and managing e-commerce businesses
Information Systems and Productivity Toolware (CIS265) lecture Section: jointly developed and taught
the undergraduate-level course that familiarizes students with current major information technologies and
information system management challenges and prepares them for their undergraduate degree in
information systems

Information Systems and Productivity Toolware (CIS265) lab Section: jointly developed and taught the
undergraduate lab section that gives students hands-on training in basic internet-based information
technologies and prepares them for advanced technology-focused information systems courses
I was nominated for Teaching Excellence Award (university level) for outstanding performance in
teaching this course.

Course developed and taught in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
English Literacy: taught the course which introduces students to an extensive variety of English materials
and trains them in reading and comprehending a wide variety of materials prepared in English

Course I worked as teaching assistant in University of North Texas
Media Technologies (BCIS 5130): Worked as teaching assistant in the course that introduces management
issues relative to the computerized work place and explores the use of visual display techniques and tools
in the creation of electronic business documents and presentations.

Organizer, Department of IS, NJIT, Newark, NJ                                   2006-present
Organizing and Managing State-wide High School and Community College Web Design Competition

Teaching assistant, Department of IS, NJIT, Newark, NJ                                    2003-2006
Taught courses involving a variety of managerial and technological topics

General manager, Youzionline Inc., Metuchen, NJ                                       2003-present
Developed and currently run an online business, Company website is . The
company’s business scope involves online retailing and electronics import and wholesale. The
company is headquartered in New Jersey, U.S.A. with branch office in China. The annual revenue of
the company has doubled in consecutive two years and it has expanded internationally. The supplier
network of the company consists of more than sixty companies in U.S. and China.

E-commerce specialist, Light Waves Concept., Inc, New York, NY                   2002-2003
Built and maintained the company’s E-commerce website, managed E-commerce marketing and network

Teaching assistant, BCIS department, UNT, Denton, TX                                      2002 – 2002
Tutored students in multimedia technology;, helped create course materials
Assisted the course professor in multimedia technology and aesthetics research

WebCT technician, Distributed Learning Center, UNT, Denton, TX                            2001 – 2001
Designed WebCT course web pages and maintained WebCT course websites.

Lecturer, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing, China              2000 – 2001
Taught English extensive reading and intensive reading

Editor, ChinaByte, Inc., Beijing, China      `                                          1999 – 2000
Translated English articles and edited manuscripts about IT development, products and applications
Assistant legal consultant, China Women’s Law Research and Service Center, China        1999 – 1999
Provided free legal consulting service for underprivileged women

2004            Reviewed paper for AMCIS 2004
2005            Reviewed paper for HICISS 2005
2006            Reviewed paper for Journal of Information Science and Technology

2004            Granted Ph.D. Student Summer Research Fund
2003-present    Teaching Assistantship, NJIT
2002            COBA General Graduate Scholarship, UNT
2002            Teaching Assistantship, UNT
2001            BCIS Constituency Alumni Scholarship, UNT
2000            Graduation with Honors, China University of Politics and Law
1996-2000       Scholarships for Outstanding Students, China University of Politics and Law

   Computer Languages
    COBOL, Visual Basic, VB Script, PHP, SQL, ASP.NET, HTML
   Operating Systems
    Windows NT, UNIX, NetWare 4.1, Red Hat Linux
   Databases
    MS Access, Oracle, MySQL

Association of Information Systems, Academy of Management, United States Association for Small
Business and Entrepreneurship

Reading, painting, cooking, designing graphics, traveling

Jerry Fjermestad, Ph.D.                                (on sabbatical at Technical University of Munich)
Associate Professor                                    Frau Doktor Professor
School of Management                                   TU München, Fakultät Informatik
New Jersey Institute of Technology                     Lehrstuhl für WirtschaftsInformatik
University Heights                                     Boltzmannstr. 3
Newark, New Jersey 07102                               85748 Garching
Phone: (973) 596-3255                                  Mobile: 49 (151) 520 88 188
Fax: (973) 596-3074                                    Home: 49 (89) 320 6753
Email:                         Email:

Marilyn Tremaine, Ph.D.                                Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor              Allen Milewski, Ph.D.
Information Systems Department       Associate Professor
New Jersey Institute of Technology   Department of Software Engineering
University Heights                   Monmouth University
Newark, New Jersey, 07102            400 Cedar Avenue
Phone: (973) 596-3388                West Long Branch, New Jersey 07764-1898
Fax: (973) 596-3074                  Phone: (732) 571-7578
Email:                Fax: (732) 571-4422

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