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									Diabetes and hair loss
Diabetes and hair loss relation can be easily neglected. People who are affected with diabetes
know this relation well. Although both diabetes and hair loss are two huge problems, there is
always a good solution to defeat both of them. Moreover, bear in your mind that hair loss due
to diabetes can be treated. So, don’t lose hope. Let’s talk first about the link between diabetes
and hair loss which can be considered the first signs of diabetes.

What is the link between diabetes
and hair loss?
There are two main reasons for linking diabetes and hair loss, these
two reasons are:

       1. Diabetes and hair loss due to skin infections

The relation between diabetes and hair loss was known long time
ago. Hair loss is always known as one of the first symptoms of
diabetes. Diabetes causes an unbalanced blood sugar levels which is
a reason for having some problems with blood circulation. For this reason, healing skin
infections can’t be that easy. If these skin infections occur in your hair, it begins to fall in these
affected areas. Moreover, your body isn’t able to slow down this hair loss process and help your
hair regrow. This is, of course, what make your hair loss noticeable, and this is why diabetes
and hair loss are related to each other.

       2. Diabetes and hair loss due to stress

Stress caused by diabetes can be another reason for hair loss.
Stress leads your hair to become thinner which begins to fall until
you discover that you are suffering from hair loss. So, try to keep
yourself away of stress as possible as you can. Now we have
already discussed the two main reasons that link both diabetes and
hair loss. For this, if you notice that you suffer from some
symptoms of diabetes and hair loss for long time, you have to
consult your doctor. Afterwards, you can start treating hair loss by using natural cures for hair

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What to do to break diabetes and hair loss
Now let’s talk about some useful tips and pieces of advice that may help you break the bond
between diabetes and hair loss:

   1. You can wait until you see if your hair condition is getting
      better once you are on medication, but be patient! This
      could take some months. If not, you can make use of some
      natural remedies for hair loss.
   2. You have to drink eight glasses of water or any other liquids
      daily to keep your body hydrated.
   3. Pick one kind of sports and keep practicing it every day. This
      will help promotes your blood circulation, especially your
      scalp blood circulation which encourages hair growth.
   4. Try any form of relaxation such as yoga to relieve and
      reduce stress.
   5. A healthy balanced diabetic diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and
      vitamins. This will supply you with all the essential nutrients that your body needs to
      help treat diabetes and hair loss as well.
   6. The last and the most important piece of advice for you is to completely stick to your
      doctor’s instructions.

Although diabetes and hair loss can affect everyone, there are ways that you have to be aware
of to stop hair loss almost immediately. There is always hope 

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