Simpson testifies his wife concocted stories of abuse

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					                                                                                                                                                                              * * * * News-Press • Sunday, February 4, 1996 15A

Simpson testifies his wife
concocted stories of abuse
Md Henry Wrimtein                               5impson gave an                    he left a message for another wom-
                                                                                   an that evemng saying he was now
LOS Angeles Times                           account of the night of                totally "free" of other involvements.
    JX)S ANGELES - In his first            the murders that differs                     These accounts, which were not
sw«rn account of the events sur-                                                   only transcribed but also videotaped
rounding the murders of Nicole                in key details from                  in the West Los Angeles offices of
Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle                testimony offered by                  Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp - the
Qoldman, O.J. Simpson has alleged                                                  law firm representing Fred Gold-
to lawyers for the victims' families        Kaelin concerning the                  man - seem to show Simpson as a
and estates that his ex-wife not only                                              self-possessed, sometimes combat-           Riclninl tind / ' / / / / / < /
abused drugs but also concocted sto-       period of time between                  ive witness who frequently disre-
ries of domestic violence in an abor-     his return from the dance                gards the advice of his own chief           Ro\ci\n tunt SC. \D
tive attempt to abrogate their pre-                                                counsel, Robert C. Baker.
nuptial agreement.                        recital and his departure                     At one point Baker, in fact, ac-       Inrcc done more for
    During a wide-ranging and as-              for Los Angeles                     cused his client of wanting "to give        Strciinnnh than itnif
yet-incomplete deposition taken                                                    monologues against his lawyer's ad-                                                                  x^-^i/i>v£^
over five days late last month, Simp-      International Airport to                vice" to which the Brown family's           single group in this
son underwent a grueling, detailed,                                                attorney John Q. Kelly responded:
and at times contentious interroga-       catch a flight to Chicago.               "I especially want to hear things           citif. I t ' s inif plensure
tion at the hands of Daniel M. Petro-                                              against his lawyer's advice,"
celli, lead attorney for Goldman's                                                      Nothing in Simpson's deposition
                                                                                                                               to personally thank
fa&er, Fred, in the wrongful death                    Testimony                    differs more strikingly from the im-        than for their
stift filed against the former football                                            pression prosecutors attempted to
star.                                                                              convey during the criminal trial            support of tins citi/:
    The 1,534-page transcript of their    gin of some of them. In a statement      than his swom characterization of
exchange, which occurred behind           given to homicide Detectives Tom         his stormy relationship with his for-       for bringing jobs, for
closed doors, has been obtained by        Lange and Philip L. Vannatter,           mer wife.                                   preserving buildings,
the Los Angeles Times. The expla-         which was never used by prosecu-              Simpson denied "ever" having
nations' and accounts offered by          tors in court, Simpson said he cut his   struck or choked his then-wife. He          and supporting the
Simpson while under oath contain a        hand while rushing to leave his Los      testified that the bruises and contu-
number of previously unknown facts        Angeles home and again the next          sions visible in photographs of Ni-         nninif charities.
and strikingly different accounts of      day, when he broke a glass in his        cole Brown Simpson taken during
some of the case's most controver-        Chicago hotel room while in distress     their marriage were the result of de-
                                                                                                                                Thank goodness
sial aspects. These include Simp-         over learning of his ex-wife's death.    fensive actions he took to fend off his     for SCAD!
son's flight from arrest and the          In the deposition, Simpson testified     wife's physical assaults on him dur-
many instances of alleged domestic        that he cut his hand when he picked       ing arguments or of her habit of
violence, which Simpson testified         up a shard of broken glass he saw on
never occurred.                           the floor of his hotel bathroom, and
                                                                                    "picking" at her facial blemishes.
                                                                                        Asked repeatedly whether he            MAYOR
     Simpson also offered versions of
events that occurred on the night of
                                          that he does not know how the water
                                          glass was broken.
                                                                                    ever "slapped, struck, hit, stran-
                                                                                    gled, choked, beat or hurt" his then-
                                                                                                                               FLOYD ADAMS
the killings and the day after that          • Simpson gave an account of the       wife, Simpson replied over and over        (. itv of Siiv,.inn«ih
flatly contradict testimony offered       night of the murders that differs in      with the word "never." This includ-
during the double murder trial that                                                ed the 1989 incident after which
                                          key details from testimony offered
ended in his acquittal.                                                             Simpson pleaded no contest to
                                          by Kaelin concerning the period of
     Among the more significant testi-    time between his return from the         charges of spousal battery.
mony elicited from Simpson so far:                                                      Petrocelli then asked, "And if Ni-
                                          dance recital and his departure for
    • He made a phone call to his ex-                                               cole said you did those things to her,
                                          Los Angeles International Airport to
wife less than two hours before po-                                                 she would not be telling the truth?"
lice and prosecutors contend the          catch a flight to Chicago.
                                                                                        Simpson replied, "Correct."
murders were committed. The exis-             • He flatly denied ever telling           Shortly afterward, Petrocelli in-
tence of that call was never dis-         limousine driver Allan Park, who         quired, "She would write notes to
closed at his trial. According to         drove him to the airport, that he         herself or journal entries about your
Simpson, he asked to speak with his       overslept and failed to hear Park         beating her when that didn't oc-
daughter Sydney, whose dance recit-
al he had attended earlier in the day.
                                          when he initially rang the buzzer at
                                          Simpson's estate. Park testified
                                                                                        "Yes, that's correct," Simpson
                                                                                                                                                                     HI                 SX

Simpson testified he avoided any          twice under oath that that was the        responded.
conversation with Nicole Simpson          explanation the former football star          Petrocelli then asked, "Why
during the call. During the criminal      offered for his tardiness on the night    would she ckrsuch things?"
trial, Simpson's house guest, Brian       of the murders.                               "Because she wanted me to tear
"Kato" Kaelin, testified that Simp-                                                 up my prenuptial agreement,"
son was "upset" and "agitated"               • Simpson denied receiving a tel-      Simpson testified, "and I gather her
when he returned from the recital         ephone message from Paula                 lawyers and her came up with that
because Nicole had limited his con-       Barbieri saying that she was break-       as a scheme."
tact with their daughter.                 ing off their relationship. During her        Twice during the course of the ii>
    il The onetime actor said he was      deposition, Barbieri testified that        terrogation, Simpson alleged that
dnable to explain the cuts observed       Simpson left three messages for           Nicole Simpson was abusing drugs
on his hands after the murders and,       her; their full content has yet to be     and drinking io excess, behavior he
in fact, contradicted a statement he
gave police investigators the day af-
ter the murders concerning the pri-
                                          disclosed. Simpson offered no expla-
                                          nation as to why, if he felt his rela-
                                          tionship with Barbieri was ongoing,
                                                                                    said so concerned him that he raised
                                                                                    the issue with her mother, Juditha
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