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									                     Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Round diamond engagement rings are the most popular rings in the
world.The round cut is a top seller world wide due to it’s classic look and
shape that gives the engagement ring a real classic and dazzling look. If you
are looking for an engagement ring that will leave a mark, you want to focus
on a ring with a round diamond.

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?

A classic engagement ring is actually the ring setting along with the diamond
that makes the ring unique and stunning. If you are looking for the best value,
it is recommended to first find the best setting you or your future wife love and
invest the rest of the budget at the perfect diamond or diamonds. It is also
possible to choose from pre set diamond engagement rings if you have hard
time choosing from the endless possibilities.

The amount you should spend on your engagement ring is totally up to you,
there is no magic number, but your budget should be something you feel
comfortable with and can afford it.

When purchasing a diamond you should always remember that the quality
and value are the 2 parameters that you should consider when searching for
the right diamond.

If you are planning to surprise your spouse with an engagement ring but you
are not certain what type of diamond she prefer, you might want to consider a
round diamond engagement rings, the round diamonds are classic and they
are a sure bet.

How to purchase a surprise engagement ring?

There is nothing more romantic than a surprising proposal, but you have to
have a perfect overwhelming engagement ring for the proposal and it might
be difficult and confusing finding that ring. Of course you can search for loose
diamonds at one store and then go to another store to find a matching
diamond but for most people it’s just too much.

When you are purchasing online through a certified diamond jeweler you can
use their experience and ask for recommendations, help or advice on how to
pick the perfect engagement ring.

An important factor when picking your engagement ring is to know your future
wife ring size. If you have no idea what’s the ring size ask her friends or
mother they might know or you can borrow one of her rings and just download
a the ring measurement guide when searching online.

What to consider when buying diamond engagement ring
Buying online can save you a lot of money, online diamond and jewelry stores
don’t have the overhead costs of a physical jewelry store, but before you
purchase online, there are a few things to consider:

   1. Diamond Certificate – High quality diamonds have a certificate of an
      unbiased 3rd party. This certificate is your guarantee for the quality of
      the diamond’s cut.
   2. Money Back Guarantee - This is especially important when buying a
      surprise diamond engagement ring, so make sure you have enough
      time to return the jewel in case you will need it.
   3. Support – make sure the jeweler have an online, web and or email
      support for what ever you might need.
   4. Insured Shipping – you are buying a diamond engagement ring so
      make sure you are getting an insured delivery preferably free shipping
   5. Shipping – Don’t waste your time looking for diamonds in a store that is
      not shipping their product to your country.

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