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									       Experience a Touch of France at Paris Las Vegas Hotels
Most people who visit Las Vegas will claim how it is an amalgamation of different experiences from all
around the world. One of the most famous hotels that you could choose to stay at are the Paris Las
Vegas hotels. By opting to spend your stay here, you can be assured of experiencing a touch of France
while still in the United States. These hotels comprise of a number of landmarks that are found in Paris.
These include a replica of the Eiffel tower, a replica of the Arc de Triomphe, the Montgolfier Balloon
and of course the landmarks would not be complete without a replica of the Louvre museum. Paying a
visit to all these landmarks will make anyone feel like they have got on a plane and landed smack dab
in Paris!

When you choose to stay at the Paris Las Vegas hotels, you will not be lacking anything when it
comes to absolute comfort. Each of the rooms in these hotels has been elegantly and tastefully designed
thus providing you with a regal atmosphere. All the rooms are furnished in European designs thus
making them ooze a French ambience. The beds promise restful nights of sleep with matching
leatherettes and headboards. Another room that you will definitely feel the French influence is the
tastefully designed bathrooms. Floral wash basins and marble surfaces will captivate you as they ooze
French class. They bathrooms also have separate bath tubs and showers thus ensuring both you and
your loved one can use the bathroom simultaneously though separately if you so wish.

If you are going on a business trip, the Paris Las Vegas hotels would provide a great place to stay. The
rooms are equipped with sophisticated desks for their guests who may need to conduct some business
while on their stay. If you would like to hold small meetings in your room, this also can be organized as
you will have leather sofas and chairs that will comfortably accommodate your guests as you have your
business meetings. All the suites in these hotels have a sitting area that is quite spacious as well as fully
stocked wet bar. This makes it quite easy for you to host either friends or business partners while
staying at the hotel in the comfort of your room. Whatever needs you have, you can be assured they
will be met by the hotel.

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