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					                                                                                            Pub Use
                                                                  Attention: ___________
                                                                 Fax No: ______________
                                                              Date Sent: _____________

                                            Qty                  Menu item                     Price
                                                  Garlic or Herb Bread                              $6
               Lunch                              Herb Bread                                        $6
                                                  Bowl of chips w/ sweet chilli mayo                $6

    Fax/Email                                     Wedges w/ sour cream & salsa
                                                  Wedges w/ sour cream & salsa w/
                                                  cheese & bacon

              Back                                Nachos w/ salsa, sour cream, fresh
                                                  Nachos w/ salsa, sour cream, fresh              $11

                                                  avocado w/ mince
                                                  B.L.T served on pane di casa bread w/           $11
12.00pm – 2.00pm                                  chips & relish
                                                  B.L.T served on pane di casa bread w/
                                                  chips & relish w/ avocado                       $13
How to Order
 1. Fill out the address details.                 Hoisin prawn stirfry w bean shoots, bok         $12
 2. Select your choice by placing a               choy, capsicum, snow pea, rice noodles
     number of how many dishes you wish           and crispy shallot
     to order in the box beside the item.         Breakfast pizza, spinach base,                  $12
 3. FAX BACK this page to the Max Hotel           mushroom, bacon, egg, chorizo, roasted
     before 11.30 for Dine-in.                    capsicum & cheese w/ your choice of -
 4. Phone the Max Hotel to confirm your           tomato sauce, BBQ sauce or relish
     fax order.                                   Max coated calamari salad w/ roast              $12
                                                  garlic aoli & potato crisps
                                                  Crispy pork salad w/ nahm jim dressing          $12
                                                  Boags beer battered hake or Grilled             $13
                                                  hake served on chips & salad w/
 Company: ______________________                  homemade tatare

 Phone: __________________________                Chicken peri peri wrap w/ chips & sweet         $13
                                                  chilli mayo
 Dine-in Date and Time:                           Steak sandwhich filled w/ coleslaw,             $14
                                                  pineapple, egg & beetroot, served w/
 __________________________________               chips & homemade relish

 _____No of people to Dine-In                     Salmon on tuscan bread salad w/ pesto           $14
 (booking essential)                              Chicken parmi w/ chips & salad                  $14
       Fax Back 229 6676
            Or Email                              Chicken ceaser salad w/ all the usual           $14                     suspects
 Phone 5229 5504
 2 Gheringhap Street, Geelong

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