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SMS GSM Car Alarm System


SMS GSM Car Alarm System

More Info
									                                                                       Wynnyeen International (China) Limited 
                                                                                Vehicle  Tracking  &  Safety  Solution 
                                                                                           GPS/GSM  Signal  Solution 
★   Complete alarm setting and function for 100% vehicle protection.
★   Anti-thief, anti-robbery and anti-hijack design.
★   Vibration/Shock/Panic, Door Open alarm, Main Unit Power Loss alarm, Emergency SOS alarm.
★   Easy to operate according to Voice prompt without having to memorize any control commands.
★   Automatic ARM status resuming, Automatic Central Lock.
★   Remotely listen-in, loud-speak to the car, engine gas/power supply cut off, arm/disarm.
★   Lock/Unlock the car door by telephone or remote controller.
★   Application of Microchip’s KEELOQ cod-hopping technology featuring 66 digits of serials to the remote controller,
impossible to decode. If the remote controller is pressed for more than 1 second, 28 years is required to decode.
★   8-scale adjustable vibration sensitivity vibration sensor.
★   2 Ordinary and 2 SOS numbers can be set.
★   Alarm working mode and mute working mode supported.
★   Freely to set up password and modify alarm telephone numbers.
★   When alarming, the system will call the vehicle owner and send SMS including the position information.
★   SMS Arm/Disarm, in the place of vehicle remote controller.
★   Automatic door shutting upon braking and Light warning upon getting off.
★   High Quality Backup battery for continuous monitor and management even when the external power is lost
★   OEM/ODM/Customizing Service accepted

Extended Features:
★   Hand free caller keypad with earphone and microphone.
★   Engine/Air-conditioner starter
★   Window Closer

Who need this model most?
★    Private car owners
★    Taxi, Truck, Bus, Car, Logistics fleet owners
★    Car Rental service providers
★    Banks with many vehicles
★    Corporate vehicles
★    Clients from countries where Car Security is very important.

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