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					Tips for Applying Eye Shadow

Applying makeup is an art form just like any other kind of painting, and your eyes are the most important
facial feature you have. Learning to use eye shadow effectively can make all the difference in how you
accentuate this important part of your face. Use the techniques here to make the most of this important beauty

Always choose colors and shades that blend well with your eye color. Everyone has a unique eye structure,
including your own particular hue of color. Rather than look for colors you particularly like when you see
them on other people, strive to complement what nature has given uniquely to you. Pick shades that complement
your eyes, rather than contrast with them. You want the focus to be on your eyes themselves, not on the eye
shadow. It is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not take the place of it.

Take a close look at your natural skin tone, before applying foundation or blush. Your eyes will almost
certainly blend with your skin tone, so make sure the colors you choose for eye shadow also blend with your
skin tone. Purchase eye shadow when you are not wearing any makeup at all, and narrow down the options to
those that look good with your naked eyes and skin.

It is tempting to match up your eye shadow with the clothing you plan to wear. This can work fine if the color
of the fabric also complements your eyes and skin, but do not choose eye shadow based entirely upon this. You
will often choose to wear clothing for certain occasions that is bright or dark or pastel, which is fine - but
stick to blending eye shadow to your actual eye color, not to the outfit you happen to be wearing at any given

Start out with a clean applicator that has not been previously used for a different color than the one you may
be applying this time. Residue from previous applications can smudge onto your eyes even if you do not see it
right away. Use an applicator that is strong and does not bend or break easily. Let the motion of your hand be
what does the give and take while blending colors.

Resist the temptation to use heavy coats of eye shadow. Thin applications are more subtle, and you can create
depth by multiple strokes of small amounts, rather than heavy ones.

Start out with the lightest color you plan to use, and apply it in the area between the crease of your eye and
your brow. Apply it smoothly and lightly.

Use the darkest color in your palette on the crease of your eye, taking care that it does not smudge into the
lighter shade you have just applied above it. Remove any amounts that bleed off the sides and onto the edges
of your eye.
The medium shade will coordinate the top two colors when you apply it to the eyelid. A small amount is all
that is necessary here.

Finally you will want to blend each section lightly to make it ease effortlessly into the sections above and
below it. Make sure that the dark area in the crease is particularly blended well.

Any excess amounts that seem out of place or too prominent can be removed with a cotton swab. Try to find ones
that do not have chemical coatings on them, such as cotton found in the medical supply department of your
local pharmacy.

You are now equipped to apply eye shadow like a professional, without having to pay for outside beauty
services. Let your eyes shine and attract attention to this important facial feature.

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