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									Ten Beauty Care Tips For Your Eyes

Clear, sparkling eyes add a great deal to anyone's appearance. Keeping the eyes well-cared-for will cut years
from your appearance. That's why taking good care of your eyes is paramount to looking your very best. Here
are ten simple tips for keeping your eyes looking beautiful.

1. Use a light moisturizer around your eyes every night at bedtime and during the day if you live in a very
dry climate. Begin this when you're young. If you start moisturizing around your eyes as a teenager you will
avoid crow's feet as an adult.

2. Be careful with your eyebrows! Don't over pluck them because they're unlikely to grow back. If you pluck
them too much when you're young, they will disappear as you age. Avoid having to draw your eyebrows on as an
adult by shaping them gently and appreciating their fullness when you're young.

3. Draw attention to your eyes and make them look more open and bright by choosing the right mascara. If you
have very dark eyelashes, you may be able to use a natural clear gel such as aloe gel applied with an eyebrow
brush. For very light lashes choose a shade that matches your eyebrows or your hair and coordinates nicely
with your skin tone.

4. Remember to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from the ravages of the sun.

5. Be sure to include plenty of vitamin K and vitamin A in your diet. Both of these items are good for the
eyesight and good for the eyes. Vitamin A is also very good for the skin and will help keep the skin around
your eyes moisturized and supple.

6. Take supplements of vitamins E and D. Both are very good for your skin and your overall health and will
help keep the skin around your eyes and indeed all over your body well-nourished and moisturized.

7. For tired eyes, take an occasional catnap with chilled cucumber slices or chilled, used teabags resting on
your closed eyelids. Moistened and chilled chamomile tea bags are especially refreshing.

8. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes unnecessarily. You could damage your eyes by rubbing them, or you might
risk introducing foreign matter. Additionally, rubbing your eyes can damage the skin around the eyes. If your
eyes are itchy, splash your face with cool water and use some saline eye drops.
9. If you sleep on your stomach or your side, use silk pillowcases or lay a silk scarf over your pillow. This
will help prevent wrinkled skin, and as an added bonus, it will help keep your hair from tangling overnight.

10. Avoid bloodshot eyes and big bags under the eyes by making it a point to always get your beauty sleep.
Rest is the best beauty product there is!

Beautiful eyes are the single feature that can enhance and magnify your overall beauty. As the windows to the
soul and the light of your heart, they deserve the best of care. Following these steps will help you keep your
eyes healthy and beautiful.

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