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maximize your beauty


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									Maximize Your Beauty

Feeling beautiful is tied to looking beautiful; one cannot exist without the other. Look the best you can with
some of these great tips.

Retinoids can be very helpful. They are derivatives of Vitamin A, and as a result, they can make a very big
impact on your skin and mouth health. They can help keep your skin looking young by reducing the impact of sun
exposure, particularly when used in conjunction with moisturizing, sunblocking lotions.

Volumizing mascara can be very helpful for women who have thinner lashes. If you already have lush, thick
lashes, you might as well use regular mascara to accent your eyelashes. But, if you have fine hair and
associated thin eyelashes, volumizing mascara can help accent your eyes.

Make sure you take off your makeup before you go to sleep, and ideally as soon as you get home. It can block
the pores of your skin, causing pimples, blotching, and other skin irregularities. Let your skin breathe by
getting home and rinsing your face with warm water, a touch of soap, and then drying it carefully, applying a
light moisturizer if you have dry skin.

One great way to deal with dark circles under your eyes are to apply primer in order to smooth out your skin
tone and the texture of your skin before you apply foundation makeup. Another popular way is to make sure the
skin there has plenty of nutrients- a popular way is to use a face masque, such as the stereotypical cucumber
slices over the eyes, watermelon rinds, or even papaya skin. Alternatively, one could purchase expensive eye
creams to rid yourself of dark circles with natural ingredients, but why pay fifty dollars for a jar of eye
cream when you can pay six dollars for a watermelon, and get a delicious treat as well? It is also important
to make sure that you get plenty of sleep to reduce the incidence of dark circles.

Primer is very important for anyone who wears foundation regularly. Firstly, it helps smooth out differences
in tone of the underlying skin. If you have pimples, blotchy skin, dark circles under your eye, or old scars,
the primer will help disguise them. Secondly, it helps smooth out the texture of your underlying skin. If your
skin is rough, it will help smooth out the bumps and help disguise laugh lines by adding an extra layer.
Thirdly, many good primers will have some sun protection factor, which will protect your skin from being aged
by the sun.

Properly cleansing your face and making sure it gets enough nutrients are easy and quick ways to make sure
that you look the best you can, which does wonders for your confidence. The more confident you are, the better
you will look. Use these makeup tips to increase your poise today! Many of these tips are cheaper and easier
than most women's beauty regimes. Skip the expensive eye creams and see if something as simple and cheap as a
cucumber will do the trick!

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