Cheapest Motorcycle /Motorbike GPS Tracker with Internal Antenna&Backup Battery by wynnyeen


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									                                                                       Wynnyeen International (China) Limited 
                                                                                Vehicle  Tracking  &  Safety  Solution 
                                                                                           GPS/GSM  Signal  Solution 
★   Internal GSM and GPS antenna motorcycle/Motorbike/Electric Cart GPS Tracker System.
★   Location Enquiry and Vehicle Management by Mobile Phone SMS and Internet Explorer Tracking Service
★   SMS Google Link supported
★   Time Interval Vehicle Data Feedback setting, to monitor the vehicle in real time.
★   Wide voltage power supply range (6-36V)
★   History playback, Engine Status, Mileage, Address Report, Direction by Internet Explorer Tracking service
★   Easy to install, operate and use.
★   Original motorbike alarm system compatible.
★   Client Own platform integration service available
★   Distributor platform establishment service available
★   OEM/ODM/Customizing Service accepted

Who need this model most?
★   Motorcycle/motorbike owners
★   Electric Cart owners
★   Motorcycle/ Electric Cart Rental service providers
★   Mini Vehicle fleet management
★   Corporate vehicles
★   Clients in need of Low Cost Tracking Gauge and Service

Extended features:
★   Electric Smoke Lighter
★   LBS/Assistant GPS/AGPS function (Optional & No additional cost required)

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