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I don't live in Canada - Can I still sign up?

Yes! If you live in any of the following places, you can become a Norwex Consultant!

       Canada
       United States
       United Kingdom
       Australia

The sign-up forms are on this website. Scroll down to see them. Just print them, complete them
and fax them to the Norwex office listed on the form for your location!

Can my sponsor live in a different country from me?

Yes. You can be sponsored by any Norwex consultant in any country where Norwex operates!

How should I decide who to sign up with?

The consultant who signs you up is responsible for helping you. Look for someone you feel
comfortable with, who knows Norwex's products and procedures, and who can clearly and fully
answer your questions. Even if you don't think you'll ever sell Norwex to others and are just
joining to get a discount on your own purchases, the day may come when you want more than
that. At that point, you'll want to be part of a bigger team of ambitious people who can help you
achieve success.

Does the physical location of my sponsor matter?

Yes and no. It's nice to sign up with someone knowledgeable and motivated who lives where you
do. But with the communication technology available today, it makes more sense to sign up with
someone knowledgeable who can help you achieve success, even if that person lives elsewhere.

Because Norwex is such a new company, many locations in Canada and the US, most locations
in the UK , and of course all locations in Australia, currently have no representation by a Norwex
consultant. Many people who choose to join Norwex find a sponsor online.

How much does it cost to become a Norwex consultant and what do I get in my start-up

Norwex Starter Kit for Canada - $39.95
Canadian Norwex Products

       2 Enviro Cloths
       1 Window Cloth
       1 Car Cloth
       1 Enviro Towel
       1 Spray Bottle

Canadian Norwex Business Supplies

       1 Consultant Training Manual
       10 Catalogues
       10 Price Lists
       10 Customer Order Forms
       10 Sales Summary Forms
       10 Glossy Flyers
       1 Norwex Tote Bag
       1 Car Care Flyer
       1 Hostess Order Form
       1 Hostess Planner

Norwex Starter Kit for United States - FREE*

*There is no initial cost for the Norwex USA start-up kit, with the agreement that the new
consultant will sell $2,000.00 worth of product within the first 3 months. If not, the consultant will
be billed $200.00 for the kit.

USA Norwex Products

       1 Enviro Cloth 12 x 12 in
       1 Enviro Cloth 24 x 12 in
       1 Window Cloth
       1 Mop Handle
       1 Large Mop Base
       1 Large Wet Mop Pad
       1 Large Dry Mop Pad
       1 Package of Spirinettes
       1 Spray Bottle

USA Norwex Business Supplies

       1 Consultant Training Manual
       10 Catalogs
       10 Price Lists
       50 Customer Order Forms
       10 Sales Summary Forms
       10 Glossy Flyers
       1 Norwex Tote Bag
       10 Hostess Order Forms
       10 Hostess Planners
Can I just buy the products for my own use and not sell them to others?

Yes! Just remember that in order to remain active; you need to purchase a retail total of $250 in
any 6 month period of time. But watch out! Norwex is pretty interesting stuff and once people find
out you're a consultant, they will want to buy it from you!

Besides the great discount on Norwex products, are there any other benefits to becoming
a consultant?


1. New, "active" consultants are entitled to purchase any one item at half price (go for the mop!).

2. In Canada, a new consultant who sells $2,500.00 within 90 days gets a $200.00 Norwex
shopping spree! The person who helped them to sign up receives a $300 shopping spree! You
can keep that product for your own use or sell it at a 100% profit. In the United States, a new
consultant who sells $2,000.00 within 90 days gets their start-up kit for free; this is a $200 value.

3. When you act as your own hostess (for orders of $325 or more), you get the current Norwex
hostess gifts for free!

4. As you begin to develop your own Norwex team of active, qualified consultants, you earn
commission on your team sales each month.

NOTE: "Active" means that you have ordered your first $250 retail ($180 with your discount) in

What products should I have in my Norwex kit and how much will it cost me?

Your starter kit will come with a few products in it, but if you plan to do home shows, you'll need a
few more things. I recommend that you purchase the following in addition to what comes in your
starter kit:

       Sanira System 39.00
       Ultra Power Laundry Detergent 23.99
       Dryer Balls 19.99
       Antibac Dusting Mitt 14.25
       Spirinettes 4.50
       Spirisponge 4.50
       Dishwashing Liquid 5.99
       Carpet Stain Buster 26.99
       Veggie Cloth 12.50
       Silver Care Toothbrush 16.99

Retail Cost: $168.70     Your Cost: $101.22 (plus tax and shipping)
       OPTIONAL EXTRA - A large mop ($118.99) or small mop (94.99), which new consultants
        can order at half-price.
                               With half-price small mop: TOTAL COST FOR ALL
                                 PRODUCTS approx. $145
                               With half-price large mop: TOTAL COST FOR ALL
                                 PRODUCTS approx. $160

You can continue to add to your kit with the initial profits you earn, but if you plan to do home
parties, this is what you should try to keep in your kit right off the bat because they're extremely
popular and they sell well.

Should I keep inventory on hand?

It's true that people really like it when they can buy something at a home party and take it with
them that night. So if you want to keep inventory, you will sell it. But you most certainly don't have
to keep inventory. When you do a home party, it suffices to bring your well-stocked kit along so
that people can see the products firsthand. If you don't keep inventory, your customers will
simply order from the Norwex catalogue.

Is Norwex a pyramid scheme?

No. Norwex is a direct sales company like Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. and sells legitimate
retail products to consumers. Here is how to tell whether any opportunity is a legitimate multi-level
marketing opportunity rather than a pyramid scheme:

    1. Product and Price
       Does the company offer a high quality product for which there is a strong demand in the
       real world marketplace? Is the product fairly priced and priced competitively with similar
       products? Can the product be demonstrated, and does it stand out when you show it to
       friends? Is the product proprietary to the company, and available only through its
       distributors? (Have you ever noticed that you can't buy Avon products in stores or
       Shaklee vitamins at pharmacies?) Is it backed up with a customer satisfaction
       guarantee? Is post-sales service or customer assistance available? Do the people who
       participate in the program buy the product enthusiastically based on its own merits, even
       if they don't participate in the compensation program?

    2. Second, No Investment Requirement
       Can you participate in the company's program without having to make any investment
       other than purchasing a sales kit or demonstration materials sold at company cost?

    3. Third, Look at Purchase and Inventory Requirements
       Can you become a distributor or sales representative without having to fulfill a minimum
       up-front purchase or inventory requirement? (When you are pitched to put thousands of
       dollars of inventory at the very beginning, run fast in the opposite direction.) Does the
       company's compensation plan discourage inventory loading? Garages and backrooms
       filled with product serve no useful purpose to anyone.

    4. Fourth, Look at the Sales Commissions Sources
       Are sales commissions paid only on actual products or services sold through distributors
       in the network to the end-user or ultimate consumer? (This means that products don't
       end up in basements and closets. They are used, because they have genuine value.)
       Does the compensation plan avoid paying commissions or bonuses for the mere act of
       sponsoring or recruiting? (If it pays headhunting fees, it is illegal.)
   5. Fifth, Check the Buy-Back Policy
      Will the company buy back inventory and sales kit materials from distributors who cancel
      their participation in the program, as long as these items are in resalable condition? (This
      policy is required in states that have adopted multilevel distribution statutes.)

   6. Sixth and Very Important, Look for Retail Sales
      Is there an emphasis on actual retail sales to end-consumers? Can the company
      demonstrate efforts to market products to the ultimate consumer? Do the company's
      distributors have ongoing retailing requirements to qualify for commissions? What is a
      "retail sale?" The industry and many MLM statutes include both sales to nonparticipants
      and purchases in reasonable amounts for personal use by distributors. Some regulatory
      groups, including the FTC, have historically rejected personal use as a legitimate retail
      sale. Stay tuned as this debate continues. The legislative trend is definitely supportive of
      the industry position.

   7. Seventh, Expect an Active and not Passive Role for Distributors
      Are distributors in the company required to actively participate in the development and
      management of their networks? (Many of the MLM statutes require that distributors
      perform bona fide, supervisory, distributing, selling, or soliciting functions in moving
      product to the ultimate consumer.)

   8. Eighth, Watch Out for Earnings Misrepresentations
      Do the company's literature and training materials scrupulously avoid claims of income
      potential that is promises of specific income levels other than demonstrations of verifiable
      income levels within its program? (The Federal Trade Commission, attorneys general,
      and postal inspectors all have their eyes on the matter of earnings representations. The
      acceptable approach emerging is that there should be no earnings representations
      unless they are based on a verifiable track record of the average earnings of distributors.
      For instance, a company should have statistics to show the percentage of active
      distributors and the average earnings of active distributors.)

   9. Finally, Look for Good Training
      Does the company offer its independent distributors solid training opportunities in sales
      and recruitment? Are different levels of training offered to match the increasing levels of
      experience and responsibilities of distributors?

Source: - Jeffrey A Babner

Canadian Norwex Consultant Sign-Up Forms

Ready to sign up? Here are the forms you'll need. Just print them off, complete them and fax
them to Norwex. Please also contact me, so I can welcome you to the team and provide you with
further information.

1. Canadian Consultant Agreement (complete, sign and fax to Norwex)

2. Canadian Starter Kit Agreement (complete, sign and fax to Norwex)

3. Norwex Consultant Terms & Conditions (print off, read & keep)

4. Canadian & US Commission Structure explained (print off, read & keep)
United States Norwex Consultant Sign-Up Forms

Ready to sign up? Here are the forms you'll need. Just print them off, complete them and fax
them to Norwex. Please also contact me, so I can welcome you to the team and provide you with
further information.

1. US Consultant Agreement (complete, sign and fax to Norwex)

2. US Starter Kit Agreement (complete, sign and fax to Norwex)

3. Norwex Consultant Terms & Conditions (print off, read & keep)

4. Canadian & US Commission Structure explained (print off, read & keep)

United Kingdom Norwex Consultant Sign-Up Forms

Ready to sign up? Here are the forms you'll need. Just print them off, complete them and fax
them to Norwex. Please also contact me, so I can welcome you to the team and provide you with
further information.

1. UK Sales Contract, Terms & Conditions (complete and fax first page)

2. UK Business Opportunity Brochure PDF 1.26MB (for you to read and keep)

Australia Norwex Consultant Sign-Up Forms

Ready to sign up? Here are the forms you'll need. Just print them off, complete them and fax
them to Norwex. Please also contact me, so I can welcome you to the team and provide you with
further information.

My consultant information as your sponsor is Lisa Roper #201074, you will require this
information to the complete the forms below.

1. AU Sales Contract, Terms & Conditions PDF 2.12 MB (complete and fax back to Norwex AU)

2. AU Starter Kit Options PDF 123 KB (2 kit options to choose from)

How do I learn about the products and develop my product knowledge?

The best way to learn about Norwex products is to try them! But of course, when you sign up as a
consultant, you get a comprehensive training manual in your Norwex start-up kit. It gives a
clear description of each product. In addition, my website offers further product information. Last
but certainly not least, Norwex offers an in-depth product information manual for purchase
(approximately $55), and also employs a technical advisor who is at your disposal to answer
any product-related questions you or your customers have.
As the consultant I am signed up with, how do you communicate with the consultants on
your team?

To keep my consultants from being overwhelmed by an inundation of emails from me, I try to just
send out one monthly team information newsletter by email, and to phone each consultant from
time to time. However, I am available to you by email and telephone at any time and I encourage
you to contact me when you need help or want to chat!

What is the profit on Norwex products?

When you sell Norwex products, you earn 35% of total sales in profit. This is your discount on the

How do I receive my commission on my Norwex sales?

Cash or Cheque - Immediate Profit

When a customer pays you by cash or cheque, you already have your profit. This is because
when you make that customer's order, Norwex will charge you the discounted amount for the
products. In the meantime, your customer has already given you the full retail amount for the

Example: Nancy orders a Rainbow Pack for $57.99 and gives you a cheque for that amount.
When you order Nancy's Rainbow Pack from Norwex, you will be charged only 60% of the
$57.99, leaving you with a 40% profit.

Credit Card - Commission Cheque from Norwex (soon to be paid by DIRECT DEPOSIT)

When a customer pays you by credit card, Norwex will add your profit on that sale to your
monthly commission cheque.

Example: Nancy orders a Rainbow Pack for $57.99 and pays that amount by credit card. When
you order Nancy's Rainbow Pack from Norwex, Norwex will charge Nancy's credit card for the full
$57.99, while your actual cost to purchase the product from Norwex is only 60% of that. This
leaves you with a 40% profit, which Norwex will mail to you in the form of a cheque, along with
any other commission you have earned that month.

What are the monthly sales requirements?
There are no monthly sales requirements. If you want to be able to continue to receive a
consultant discount, however, you must remain "active" - this means selling $250 retail in product
(or purchasing for your own use or for gifts) in any 6 month period. Because you get a 35%-40%
discount on your purchases, this amounts to $150.00 - $162.50 every 6 months, or a monthly
amount of $25 - $27.

Note that in order to be considered an "active" consultant in the first place, you must have
ordered your first $250 in products.

What terms & conditions must I agree to in order to become a Norwex consultant?

Norwex is very easy to get along with, but as a consultant you are expected to know and follow
the rules. You will be given the full Norwex Terms & Conditions document prior to signing up, and
you should read it thoroughly, but In a nutshell, Norwex consultants agree to...

    1. purchase the sales kit and sustain a minimum of $250.00 (retail) in personal sales
       over any six month period in order to remain active.
    2. represent Norwex Enviro Products ethically and in accordance with Norwex's policies.
    3. participate in training if you sell Norwex products to others.
    4. be responsible to correctly submit and pay for your Norwex orders.
    5. keep your own tax records as an independent contractor.
    6. make no false or misleading statements concerning Norwex Enviro Products or its
    7. seek prior approval from Norwex Enviro Products if you create media, develop materials
       or place any advertisements of any kind for use in training, soliciting, or attracting
       customers and/or representatives.

Are there any other requirements for Norwex consultants?

Just one. Once a week, you must email or phone your sponsor to report how many home parties
you have coming up for the following week (even if the number is zero). Your sponsor reports this
information to Norwex, and that's how Norwex decides how much stock to carry. This function will
become automated as soon as Norwex rolls out their consultant websites, but for now, that's how
it's done.

Where can I sell Norwex?

Norwex consultants have a great deal of freedom to decide where and how to sell their products.
Not only can you sell Norwex at home parties, but you can also...

       do trade shows and exhibits
       sell at flea markets, farmers' markets, etc
       conduct online sales through an ecommerce website
       etc.
Can I sell Norwex on eBay or other auction sites?

No. As with almost all other direct sales companies, this is strictly prohibited by Norwex.

Does Norwex offer its consultants a website?

Currently, no. But this is about to change. Very soon Norwex consultants who want to have a
Norwex ecommerce website will be able to purchase one from Norwex for a reasonable monthly
fee (approx. $10-$15). In the meantime, you are welcome to make your own Norwex website or
have one created for yourself.

Can I make my own Norwex website?

Yes, you can. Norwex reserves the right to approve the content of your website, but they're very
easy to get along with.

Can I advertise my Norwex business?

Yes, with the provision that you get approval from Norwex for any media you've created. Norwex
is pretty easy going about this, but they like to have a look at what you're doing.

Can I blog about my Norwex business and/or the products?

Yes. This is a great way to give your Norwex business widespread exposure.

Further questions please contact:

Lisa Roper
Independent Norwex Sales Consultant
Sherwood Park, AB Canada

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