Things to consider in facing Hip Recall Lawsuits by charlottehoeflich


									                             Things to consider in facing Hip Recall Lawsuits

  On august 26, 2010, Depuy Orthopaedics Inc., a division of Johnson and Johnson recalled the ASR XL
  Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement. The defective implant became available in the United
       States in 2005 and had already been implanted to around 40,000 patients in the US alone.

   A study was conducted and the results showed that the depuy asr hip system had a failure rate of
approximately 13% in its first five years in the market which is far more than the allowable failure rate.
 Depuy hip recall means that recipients of the implant have to undergo revision surgery to replace the
defective implant with a better one. A second surgery is more dangerous than the first one. Thousands
of people with the recalled hip replacement system
 have already experienced hip implant problems
     such as serious or lingering pain, swelling,
 loosening or even dislocation of the hip implant.

 Coupled with the vast recall, a number of depuy
 hip lawsuits are already filed in the courts of law.
 Depuy Orthopaedics Inc. only promises to pay for
 the revision surgery expenses and nothing more.
Patients will not be compensated for the emotional
and physical trauma caused by the defective depuy
    asr hip system. Some recipients are gearing
 towards depuy hip recall class action which may
have its pros and cons. A Hip class action is likely
 to focus on claims that can be applied to all the individuals who received the defective implant like the
  cost for medical monitoring. The downside is that, unique problems faced by individuals due to the
defective implant might not be compensated since the hip class action focus on the benefit of all those

 Before going to the company and calling their toll free hotline, you might want to contact a depuy hip
   recall lawyer first. There had been reports that the company is doing all that it can to avoid more
 compensation and with high states at risk, you might not want to mess things up. Let the experienced
lawyers discuss your case so that you will be well represented in either talking with the company or in a
hip lawsuit. Either you join an individual hip lawsuit or a hip class action, looking for a lawyer that is an
  expert in this type of case will guarantee for a better compensation for you. do a little research and
       inform yourselves with the things that you ought to do and not do. You may want to visit

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