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					                               Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation is insurance that provides partial wages and/or medical care for
Syracuse University employees who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their
job. All Syracuse University employees (including full time, part time, temporary and
student employment) who are receiving a university paycheck are covered under
Workers’ Compensation.

Syracuse University is self-insured and self-administered for workers’ compensation
benefits. All Workers’ Compensation benefits are paid with University funds and
administered by the Risk Management Department.

Effective December 15, 2006 Syracuse University Health Services (SUHS) will no
longer be providing workers’ compensation medical-related services for University
faculty or staff who incur an on-the-job injury or illness. However, SUHS will continue to
provide workers’ compensation medical care for students who sustain an injury or
illness during the course of work.

Currently Syracuse University policies and protocols encourage full-time and part-time
members of the Syracuse University faculty and staff to go to SUHS for the immediate
treatment of injuries or illnesses suffered by employees on the job. The upcoming
change in services will enable SUHS to focus on its primary mission which is to provide
health care to students.

On or after December 15th if a University employee sustains a work-related injury or
illness, he/she should be advised to seek necessary medical treatment and evaluation
from a provider indicated below. Students, however, can continue to go to SUHS if they
sustain a compensation medical service.
                             Workers’ Compensation Policies

Medical Treatment

1.     Provide necessary medical treatment if the injured worker is unable to select a
doctor and immediate treatment is needed.

2.    Provide necessary medical treatment if the injured worker advises that he or she
does not desire to select a doctor. The injured worker can then be sent for treatment to:

   I. Industrial Medical Associates
      961 Canal Street
      Syracuse, New York 13210
      (315) 478-1977

   II. The employee’s primary care provider. If the provider accepts workers’
       compensation patients

   III. Emergency Department
        Crouse Hospital
        736 Irving Avenue
        Syracuse, New York 13210
        (315) 470-7411

   IV. Emergency Department
       University Hospital
       750 E. Adams Street
       Syracuse, New York 13210
       (315) 464-5611

If the injured worker does not wish to select their own doctor both Industrial Medical Associates
and Health Services have the appropriate forms on hand for the employee’s signature.

In the past dining facility supervisors have been permitted to transport employees to the Health
Center, Industrial Medical Associates and/or a hospital in cases of a minor injury. Risk
Management acknowledges this as a proper procedure and it will remain in effect for minor
injuries only.

However, transportation of employees should not be considered when a serious or life-
threatening injury and/or situation exist. As always, the supervisor should use his or her own
judgment in assessing the type of injury involved and whether or not to transport an injured
employee. If necessary, the supervisor should not hesitate to contact the Department of Public
Safety and/or 711 immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact either of us at your convenience.
Thanking you in advance for your time and cooperation in relaying this pertinent information to
your supervisors and other employees in a timely manner.
                                      Claim Reporting
Any employee who sustains a work-related injury or illness is to report the incident immediately
to his/her supervisor and complete the Accident/Illness Report. The injured worker is required
to complete and sign Part A of Syracuse University’s Workers’ Compensation Accident/Illness
Report Form. Part B of the Accident/Illness Report is then to be completed and signed by your
supervisor. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to take the time to ask the injured worker
questions necessary to complete the form and submit it to Risk Management within 24 hours of
notification of the injury.

The supervisor cannot deny the injured worker the right to file an accident/illness report.
However, if the supervisor does not feel the injury is work related he/she must use the work
alleged when describing the injury in Part B. This will give Risk Management heads up that the
claim is questionable.

The original copy of the Workers’ Compensation Accident/Illness Report Form are to be sent to:

                               Risk Management Department
                               Skytop Office Building
                               Room 104
                               Telephone No. 443-4011
                               Fax No. 443-1154

If the injured worker returns to work or becomes disabled after the Accident/Illness
Report Form has been filed, it is imperative Risk Management be called immediately.

                             Payroll Coding For Lost Time
The injured workers’ sick time is used for the first five work days (intermittent or consecutive) of
lost time resulting from a work related disability. The proper coding can be any one of the
following: 090; for employees who are entitled to sick time benefits according to University
policy. On the sixth day and for the duration of the related disability, Workers’ Compensation
Pay Code 850 should be used. However, based on their length of service (under one year)
coding procedures may change. It is requested that Risk Management be contacted at ext.
5111 to guide you through the proper payroll code.

If the injured worker is out of work more than five consecutive hays he/she must be given a
return to work form to be completed by his/her attending physician.
If an employee is required to miss any days of work because of a work-related accident/illness,
it is important that the supervisor maintain frequent contact with the employee in person and/or
by telephone.
                                   Return to Work
If the injured worker is out of work more than five consecutive days he/she must be
given a Return to Work form which is to be completed by his/her attending physician.

            Progressive Rehabilitation Program/Return to Work

The Progressive Rehabilitation Program was developed to help the injured worker
return to his/her regular job as soon as possible and to significantly reduce the wage
loss experience by a temporary partial disability.

When it is medically determined that an employee is no longer totally disabled and now
has a temporary partial disability, Risk Management in conjunction with the Human
Resources and the employee’s supervisor will coordinate a return to work in the
Progressive Rehabilitation Program.

While the employee is in the Progressive Rehabilitation Program he/she will be paid
from two sources. Risk Management will continue to pay at the appropriate partial
disability rate. The balance of wages will be paid by the employee’s regular

The duration of the Progressive Rehabilitation Program is initially for 30 days with
review by committee for continued period, if necessary. The employee should not work
overtime while he/she is in the program.

Resources:          Accident Prevention & Ergonomics Program
                    Contact: John Rossiter, Safety Manager

                    Claims Administration
                    Contact: Linda Egerbrecht, Insurance & Claims Manager

                    Lost time with medical treatment
                    Contact: Sandi LaRose, Workers’ Compensation Specialist

                    Medical Only
                    Contact: Karen Dixon-Cherebin, Workers’ Compensation Assistant
  Protocol for Obtaining Medical Care for Work-Related Injuries

Industrial Medical Associates, (IMA) has a physician on call 24 hours a day, seven days
a week, who may be reached by calling (315) 478-1977.

Serious Injury

If an employee has a serious injury (i.e. a head injury with loss of consciousness, an
extensive burn, chest pain or an obvious fracture) an ambulance should be called and
the employee taken directly to an emergency room. Follow-up treatment is available
through IMA.

IMA Injury Treatment & Follow-Up

Our medical center is equipped with x-rays, minor surgical and orthopedic facilities to
care for the less serious injuries. Generally, if a person can be transported by an
automobile, the injuries can be treated at IMA. Care is available Monday thru Friday
from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Since the office closes at 5:00 p.m. the employee should
arrive prior to 4:00 p.m. in order to be adequately cared for. Please call the office ahead
of arrival.

Phone Consultation

If there are questions requiring medical care, phone consultation is available with and
IMA physician. The doctor on call will advise you of the best arrangements for care of
an injured employee. If a reasonable period of time passes and the physician has not
been able to respond, the injured employee should be transported to a medical care
facility such as an emergency room or urgent care center. IMA will provide the follow-
up care for such injuries, if necessary.
Industrial Medical Associates (IMA)
961 Canal Street
Syracuse, New York 13210-1287
                                (315) 478-1977
                                (315) 475-2909 - Fax

                                       Industrial Medical Associates, P.C.

961 Canal St., Syracuse, NY 13210-1287 (315) 478-1977 Fax (315) 475-2909

                                                                         Exit 35
                 Exit 36




                                 Canal St.
                                               IMA             5
                                                                     Erie Blvd.

                                                          East Genesee St.

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