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									Make Brazilian Body Wax Pain Free

Brazilian Body Wax procedures have become extremely popular in recent years. Both
men and women have benefited from this amazing hair removal procedure. However there
are many definitions to it. Many people use the term Brazilian waxing as full pubic hair
removal and other as partial hair removal. But this procedure is not only limited to the
removal of pubic hair. This procedure can be used on the rest of the body where hair is
usually unwanted. Weather it is partial hair removal or full hair removal in the pubic area
or a full Brazilian Body Wax, pain and discomfort is inevitable. The discomfort really
depends on one’s tolerance levels.

As women are more used to undergoing this procedure they have built a good tolerance
level to pain. Apart for this women are also known to have better tolerance to pain.
However Brazilian Wax for Men has only recently been accepted as a hair removal
technique. Pain tolerance in men has increased by the years and Brazilian Wax for Men
has reached new heights.

But intensity of pain can differ due to hair growth, hair density and even skin conditions,
whether in men or women. Since pain and discomfort are part of this procedure, there are
certainly some steps that can ease the discomfort.

Usually these steps can be taken before the session starts and can drastically reduce the
pain and discomfort to absolute minimal.

Here are some of the pain relieving steps you can follow before you visit a waxing salon.

   1. You can take tablets like Ibuprofen or Advil at least 30 minutes to an hour before the
      wax session. This will definitely reduce the inflammation and control it. It is
      advisable that you take proper medical advice before consuming any of the above
   2. Make sure that your body is well relaxed just before the procedure. A constricted
      body will not relax the hair follicles, making waxing difficult and more painful.
      Exercises and deep breathing will help in relaxation.
   3. You can also try anesthetic numbing sprays. They are easily available in pharmacies.
      They do not completely numb the area but will surely help in minimizing the pain.
   4. Avoid caffeine or alcohol at least for a couple of hours before your session. These
      drinks can make your skin more sensitive and the waxing more difficult.
   5. You can rub some ice on the waxed area to calm down the hurting never endings.
      This can bring immediate relief. But this is not advisable before the procedure as it
      cause skin tightening and makes the hair difficult to pull out.
Besides these pain relieving and controlling methods, there are some things to keep in
mind before such a procedure.

You should only go to a professional salon with good experience in such techniques.
Women who are pregnant may experience more than usual pain and should try and
postpone the session. People on medications like Accutane, Tetracycline, Glycolic Acid or
Retin A should keep away from waxing as the skin of such persons is more sensitive.

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