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Increasing number of third-party applications are released for local phones are increasingly
impact on the performance slows down. Always directly proportional, more and more
applications are installed, then the slower the performance of your phone.

Many factors can make it like that. Special local phone, this is often due to the generic hardware
that was taken. That is even equipped with Java technology, RAM and the processor is
sometimes not ready to accommodate additional applications. So, instead of making a variety of
advanced features, you'll only make it run slow as a turtle,

PULSE have tips and tricks to overcome them.

Remove Unnecessary

A. When an application or game that is not used should be thrown away. How to enter into the
fun & games> Java> select the application or game is about to be discarded> delete> Ok.

Remove Applications 03

Remove Applications 02

Remove Applications 01

2. For those who frequently access the Internet, as much as possible is always clean up
temporary files (temporary) or 'browser cache / cookies' (delete cookies).

3. Incoming and outgoing call duration, which was still stored at least affect the performance of
the phone. And more delicious is reset again. It could also set the length of 'log duration'.

Set the Internet 01

Set the Internet 04

Set the Internet 02

Set the Internet 03

4. If the menu 'calendar' ve loaded the memos specifically, should be cleaned when no longer

5. Always turn off bluetooth when not needed facilities. With the always active bluetooth will
drain the battery of the phone resulting slowing of employment.
Memory Management

A. Make sure you have done the image of storage default settings (camera shots), video recorder
and audio recorder on the memory card instead of internal memory.

2. At a local phone, available menu file manager that can be used to delete files that are not
important. File manager can also be used to remove the remaining files after uninstall the
application process.

Format Memory 02

Format Memory 01

3. When installing an application or game you should select the memory card space to do the
install to phone memory. Make sure the remaining space for a memory card for 20% of total
capacity. Due to the memory card is full, it will burden the increased performance of our cell

Format Memory 03

4. Optimization of memory with an additional application. One application for a local cell phone
that can be used is MemoryUp. The workings of this application is to set up and remove these
files are not used or settle in the memory. Benefits, the performance of your mobile phone faster
and reduce the risk of hang.

Memoriup 05

Memoriup 01

Memoriup 02

This application can be downloaded at http://www.symbian-freeware.com/download-memoryup-
personal.html. Although meant for Symbian phones, but because this application is a Java
application can be installed on the local mobile phone that supports Java.

Memoriup 03

Memoriup 04

Another advantage of this application lies in the features 'quick boost' that can increase the
memory space more spacious. Have Tried

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