Mandatory Android ap2 by saputralstr73


									Mandatory Android app - Part 3

11. MyBackup Pro
In order not to lose important data and applications you should do the backup on your Android
device. MyBackup Pro supports virtually all Android devices and can backup your most
important data such as text, photos, contacts, call log, browser bookmarks, SMS, MMS,
calendar, system settings (system settings), homescreens (including the position of the shortcut),
alarms, music playlists, and much more.

Developer: Rerware, LLC
File Size: 1.6MB
Price: $ 4.99
12. Anti-Virus Pro
Android growing number of course you invite to the hands of ignorant abuse, for example by
creating a virus free. To protect your Android device and data security you should install an
antivirus application. Anti Virus Pro can be an option because made by an experienced developer
to make other antivirus on the PC platform.
Developer: AVG Mobilation
File Size: 2.1MB
Price: $ 1.99
13. Skype - free video calling
This application lets you make video calls between Skype and call a phone number or cell phone
with a decidedly cheaper rates. In addition to video call, you can also make regular phone calls
or just your Skype text chat with others even if they use Android, iPhone, Mac or PC.
Developer: Skype
File Size: 12MB
Price: Free
14. App 2 SD (move app to SD)
If your Android device is not equipped with a spacious internal memory, install this application
would be very helpful. As the name implies, this application serves to move the storage location
of the application of internal memory for additional memory (external).
Developer: Sam Lu
File Size: 634kB
Price: Free
15. VLC Direct Pro
This application allows you to play videos stored on a computer on Android devices and vice
versa without having to transfer files between two devices. By installing this application, you can
also control the video player VLC on a PC using Android device to run the function to find files,
video rotate, add videos into a playlist, pause, stop, volume control, running the software in
fullscreen mode and more.
Developer: QDevPlus
File Size: 881kB
Price: $ 3.57

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