How to Change Blog Templates by saputralstr73


									How to Change Blog Templates

    Kili I will post how to change temlate without having to change the look of the dashboard to the old
view, in fact almost the same except that I change the zoom on the new dashboard view we do not need
to click on edit HTML the following way;

   First download the desired temlate Here then extract the file because it is still a zip / rar Click Here To
extract the weeks to download the application if you do not have. after completion

A. Go to your blog account
2. Select temlate
3. Then click the Backup / Restore
4. Prior to first secure mengungah temlate your blog debgan clicking download the full temlate
5. Then Select the File and Find any of the XML file that you downloaded earlier and upload
6. Completed safely and enjoy the new look blog

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