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									Helpful Answers to Common Beauty Questions

The multitude of beauty products and processes can seem complicated and overwhelming to even the most seasoned
pro. If you are curious about how you can get more out of your beauty routine, here are some helpful answers
to some commonly asked questions about makeup, beauty tools and more.

1. How can you set your makeup and help it last longer? On a hot day or during a sweaty workout,
unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to keep your makeup from melting. Dusting translucent powder over
your cream or liquid foundation and concealer can help it stay put for everyday occasions, however. Above all,
keep your hands off your face--every time you touch your skin, you remove a bit of makeup.

2. Should you use moisturizer under foundation? Ideally, you apply moisturizer after washing your face both
morning and night. Using moisturizer before applying your foundation can help it to glide on more smoothly and
evenly, especially if you use liquid or cream formulas. Allow the moisturizer to penetrate the skin for a few
minutes before applying your makeup.

3. Can eye drops make your eyes look brighter? Yes and no. If you had a late night or suffer from allergies,
your eyes may look red and irritated, and eye drops can certainly help. As a general rule, though, you
shouldn't use eye drops unless you need them. Overusing over-the-counter drops can actually lead to dry eyes.

4. How do you get the most from an eyelash curler? A blast of heat makes all the difference. Aim your
blowdryer at the curler for a few seconds to warm it up, and test it to make sure it isn't too hot. Place the
curler near the base of your lashes, clamp it down, and hold for 10-20 seconds before releasing.

5. How can you change your brow color? One option is using a tinted brow powder, pencil or gel, which washes
away when you wash your face. Dying or tinting your brows permanently alters their color, which is a good
option if you are coloring your hair. Discuss this option with your stylist, and do not attempt to color your
brows yourself.

6. How should you store your cosmetics? Keep your cosmetics in a cool, relatively dry location, such as a
makeup bag or drawer. You can use small, drawered organizers or baskets if you have a large stash of
cosmetics. How you store them is actually less important than how long you hang onto them; really, you
shouldn't keep any single cosmetic item for longer than one year to prevent rancidity and bacterial growth,
which can lead to infections.

7. Should you pay a lot for lipstick? Cosmetics sold at makeup counters often contain higher quantities of
pigment than value brands, so you may actually get more bang for your buck by spending a little more. That
said, drugstore brands of lip glosses and balms are probably just fine. These products tend to contain the
same ingredients no matter where you purchase them.

Some beauty secrets are meant to be shared. Ideally, these questions and their answers will help you refine
your beauty routine, so you can always put your best face forward.

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