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									Beauty Tips and Techniques

This article teaches you how to incorporate the following tips and techniques into your beauty routine. By
following the advise from this article, you will learn how to make your beauty routine efficient.

Many women complain that their makeup comes off throughout the day. The following tips and techniques will
teach you the proper steps to apply make-up that will last throughout the day. The first thing you should do
before applying makeup is to thoroughly clean your face. Once your face is clean and free of oil, apply a
makeup primer and allow it to dry completely before applying your foundation. Remember, when it comes to
foundation, less is more. Apply only as much as is needed to even out your skin tone. Many people prefer to
use mineral-based foundations because they last all day.

Moisturizer should be applied before applying a makeup primer or foundation. The recommendations state that
moisturizer should be applied at least 20 minutes before applying primer or foundation. This allows your skin
time to soak in the moisturizer. After moisturizer has been allowed to soak in, blot any excess moisturizer
before applying foundation. This technique will allow you to get the benefits of a moisturizer without
sacrificing the staying power of your foundation.

If you suffer from red or puffy eyes, try using eye drops to make your eyes sparkle. There are many causes for
eye redness, including sleep deprivation and allergies. To help remove the redness, use eye drops specifically
designed for redness. The drops should be used 30 minutes prior to applying make-up for best results.

To properly use an eyelash curler, begin at the base of your eyelashes and use small crimps of the lashes out
to the tips. By walking the eyelash curler along your lashes, you will create fullness without creating the
harsh curl that so many associate with eyelash curlers.

The following steps will explain how to apply eyelash extensions. The first step is to curl your eyelashes and
apply a coat of mascara. While waiting for you mascara to thoroughly dry, trim the false lashes to the length
of your real lashes. Afterwards, apply a small amount of glue to the extensions using a toothpick and allow
glue to cure until it turns clear. Once the glue is clear, apply extensions along your lash line. The final
step for perfect extensions is to apply a coat of mascara and lightly line your lashes.

Eyebrow tinting is done by salon professionals. Tinting is used when your natural eyebrow coloring does not
match the color of your hair. Eyebrow tinting can be either semi-permanent or permanent. Never try to color
your eyebrows yourself; leave this to the professionals to protect your vision.

Make-up should be stored away from moisture, heat and light. Therefore, you should keep it either in a drawer
or in a make-up caddy that seals out air, light and moisture.
When it comes to lipstick, quality matters. Expensive lipsticks normally contain more color pigments than
their inexpensive counterparts, which will result in longer lasting lipstick.

Beauty can be anyone if they have the correct knowledge. By incorporating the aforementioned tips and
techniques into your beauty routine, you can ensure the best results.

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