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					Beauty Legends That Belong In Fairy Tales

As a child grows they are given beauty information from their parents, some of which has been handed down
through the generations. If you are a female, then your mother probably passed on a few interesting legends as
you were growing up. But exactly how many of them are truthful? Here are a few golden oldies that should or
should not be passed on any further.

You are bound to have heard that you must brush your hair at least 100 strokes per day in order for it to be
healthy. There appears to be no set agreement on this one. On one hand, the excessive amount of brushing will
stimulate the natural oils in your scalp and these can aid in the healthy look of your hair. On the other
hand, the same oils can leave you with an oily scalp. Plus it is argued that the large amount of brushing can
leave your hair follicles weakened and prone to breakage. Conclusion: to be decided for yourself.

Any person who is horrified by the sight of varicose veins will have been told that they can be caused by
sitting down. This is, in fact, true. Varicose veins are caused by a lack of blood circulation, so you want to
avoid sitting or standing in one spot for a long period of time to avoid this unsightly affliction. Make sure
that you are regularly stretching or moving your body so as to ensure good blood movement. Conclusion: legend

Were you ever told that trimming your hair will encourage it to grow faster? This is not true at all. Your
hair grows on average half an inch per month, and this only changes during the summer months when it grows
slightly quicker. This does not change if you trim your hair so unless you are partial to getting your hair
trimmed regularly for no reason, this will not help you get the longer locks that you desire. Conclusion:
legend busted.

If you have every faced the toughness of facial acne, you may have been told that toothpaste is a great cure.
This is not true! In fact, not only will toothpaste do nothing for clearing up your face, the chemicals in
this product can actually make matters worse and leave a scar. If you are having acne issues, speak to a
qualified dermatologist for a solution. Conclusion: legend busted.

Get a tan and you will look healthy and glowing. This one is definitely not a legend that should be passed
onto the next generation. The sun's harsh rays can easily cause skin cancers to develop and these can be
fatal. Even receiving a tan from a tanning bed can cause cancerous issues. A hefty application of SPF30+ every
time you head outside is the best way to protect your skin. Combine this with a hat and skin covering clothing
for the best protection. Conclusion: legend busted.

Now that you are aware which legends are true, and which ones can be retired to the fairy tale books you will
know which accurate information can be passed onto your children when the time comes. And their own beauty
will continue to be protected for the years to come.

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