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					                   London –Beijing World Cities Link

                              Practical Guidance
           for International Professional Development Study Visit

Welcome to London Learning Live, LGfL, and SST facilitated professional
development visit to Beijing as part of the London Beijing world cities link. I hope
you enjoy your visit to Beijing. I am sure it will be an unforgettable and exciting
professional experience which will lead to new innovations and insights in your

Our Chinese colleagues are equally looking forward to this exchange: for them
each of you is a source of new and exiting ideas and professional development.
Chinese people are very warm and welcoming and will do their utmost to ensure
you are well looked after during your visit.

We have produced these practical guidance notes after careful evaluation of
previous TIPD visits to China. Please read them carefully and ask if you require
any further clarification.

Lina Na
London Learning Live
Project Consultant to LGfL
                      Westminster & Kensington and Chelsea
                                China Study Visit

                          (28th May 2005 to 5th June 2005)


Head Teachers/Teachers: Eugene Scanlan           (St Augustine’s High)
                        Su-Yin Chan              (St Augustine’s High)
                        Marion Etheridge         (Barrow Hill Primary)
                        Karen Melville           (Barrow Hill Primary)
                        Louise Carter            (Soho Parish Primary)
                        Fiona Bailey             (Soho Parish Primary)
                        Darren MacKay            (St Mary and St Pancras)
                        Tonnie Simpson           (St Mary and St Pancras)
                        Belinda Evans             (Thomas Jones)
                        James Clements            (Thomas Jones)
                        Ruth Wilson               (Oratory Primary)
                        Rhona McColl              (Oratory Primary)
                        Janine Murphy             (Bevington Primary)
                        Alicia Aleman             (Bevington Primary)
                        ?                          (Our Ladies Convent School)
                        Robert Fowler
                        Val Mason

LEA/LGFL Coordinator:       Antony Moore
                            Mary Fowler
                            David Masson
                            Julian Vennis

Project Consultant:         Lina Na,
                            UK Mobile Phone: 0044 07786117023
                            Chinese Mobile Phone: (0086) 13898176759

The Flight Information:

Air Line:                          Direct flight with Air China

Departure Time:                    20:25pm on 28th May 2005

Depart from:                       Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, London

Flight Length:                     About 10hours
Flight No.:                      CA938 LHR-PEK

Arrival Time :                   About 13:15pm, Sunday 29th May 2005
(Beijing time)

Group Rendezvous and Time:       17:15pm at Air China Check-in Counter at
                                 Terminal 3

Checking in Time:                17:30pm at Air China Counter

Boarding Time:                   usually 19:45pm, boarding gate is normally at
                                 least 15-20 mins walk from the shopping area.

Return Flight:                   CA 937 PEK-LHR, 14:05 pm on 5th May
                                 (Beijing Time)
                                 Arrives at Heathrow at 17:50pm on 5th May
                                 (London Time)

Flight to Beijing:


After take off the crew normally serve drinks followed by a meal. There is
normally a choice of Chinese food or western food. 2 hours before landing in
Beijing the crew will wake up the plane and serve breakfast.

Entertainment :

Entertainment is limited to a Chinese film followed by an English Film. We
suggest to bring a book.


Air China has relatively spacious seats in Economy class, but we would like to
advise to bring an inflatable pillow, blindfold, and ear plugs. The lights are
dimmed for most of the flight.

Entrance Forms:

We would like to advise you to have a pen and keep your passport handy to fill in
the landing forms on the plane. There are 2 forms, a health form and a landing

Land in Beijing:
We are scheduled to land in Beijing on Sunday at 13:15pm local time and hope
to clear passport control by 14:00-14:15 pm. There is transport to take us to the


Hotel Location:

The Capital Hotel is a four star luxury hotel in central Beijing. Walking distance
to Tian an men Square, the Forbidden City, Zhong Shan Park and the old

Hotel Address:

Capital Hotel, Beijing, 3 Qian Men East Street, Beijing, 100006, China.

Hotel Telephone Number:      0086 ( 0)10 6512988

Hotel Room:

The rooms are large clean and luxurious. You should not under any
circumstances charge anything to your room. It creates serious difficulties with
the financial accounting of the trip.

Hotel Facilities:

The hotel has restaurants, Foyer bar, shops, sauna & massage centre, a
swimming pool and gym, business centre, etc.

The restaurants, and foyer bar in the lobby are expensive environments, we
would like to advise that you should be aware before you make any purchase

We have a deal that our group can use swimming pool and gym for free, which
you only need to show your room number while you go to the swimming pool and
gym, but must wear a swimming cap in the pool.


Tap Water should not be drunk; if you want more you should purchase it from the
small supermarket on the other side of the road.

Breakfast will be paid for. It is a luxurious buffet of both Western and Chinese
food. You can eat as much as you wish and drink as much tea/coffee as you
want. It is served from 6:30am to 10:00am

Money Change:

You can change money at the hotel, the rate is very good at the moment. We
would like to advise you to bring enough UK cash for any prospective purchases
and living expenses in China.

ATMs for UK Credit Cards are limited and it can be time consuming.

Depart Hotel:

On the departure morning you should be checked out of your room, having had
breakfast, by 8:00-9.00 am on 5th May 2005.

Role of the LEA Coordinator

The LEA Coordinator is there to support the smooth running of the trip and
should be the first point of call for all matters. The LEA coordinator will then liaise
with Lina to resolve any issue.

The LEA Coordinator also runs a kitty for small expenses (if you like). They will
ask you for an amount at regular intervals for meals and transport expenses. This
should range from £8 to £20 per person per day per person (please note it is a
general and average rate, it might be more, or less. it will depend on where you
are going, and what level of food are you going to have).

The cost of per person of the return journey of Beijing International airport to
Hotel, will be confirmed later, It will require LEA Coordinator to collect it and to be
paid by 7:00pm on 29th May 2005 (the second day in Hotel).

The LEA coordinator is also responsible for some of the professional
development issues and discussions that will arise.

Emergency Mobile Phone: keep your uk mobile with you for emergency use only.

Health and Safety and Insurance

Teachers funded by the SST have full insurance, although this should not
preclude you from making your own insurance.

The Hotel has a doctor and nurse who will be available for small matters, there is
a large hospital 5 -10 mins (walking distance) away from the Hotel. Most
problems are related to stomach upsets: you should bring some Imodium for
such an emergency.

Beijing in particular is very clean. You will be checked for your temperature by
computer sensor on your arrival. The airport apart, public toilets are not generally
pleasant places and should be avoided if at all possible. In emergencies call in at
the nearest 4/5* Hotel.

Crime is generally low in Beijing and public disorder highly unusual. However you
should at all times be with an English colleague. If you wish to return to the Hotel,
show your key to a taxi driver. Taxis cost normally 10-30RMB in central Beijing (it
will depend on its traffic jam . Make sure the taxi driver starts their meter.

There are some persistent beggars in central Beijing, you should do your best to
ignore them. There are people selling tourist souvenirs that will approach you – a
practiced response of “Yo – Lar” (meaning I already have this) should see them
leave you alone.

Draft Programme for the week:

The program for the week will be as follows:

Sunday:                     -Arrival, check in to Hotel, Change
                            -Opening Meeting With partners’ schools- General
                            Exchange relevant information, at about 16:00pm
                            - Dinner with Chinese Host, at about 18:00pm (TBC)

Monday        :             In Host School, Professional Development Study,

Tuesday :                   In Host School, Professional Development Study.
                            Plenary and Sustainability Issues
Weds. :                     In Host School, Professional Development Study
                            Plenary and Sustainability Issues
Thursday:                   Plenary and Sustainability Issues in Host School
                            and Summarizes Review Meeting ,

Friday and Saturday:        Culture Tour

(Please note the above programme might be changed according to the reality,
even Partner Schools, We would like to advise that you should prepare to be
flexible in particularly in the International Collaboration Project between two
countries’ government and two differences Culture).
Sunday:               Morning Leave

In the Chinese School:

When you are in the Chinese school you will be treated with a great deal of
courtesy, respect and shown a lot of warmth. The children and teachers will
genuinely honoured that you have come to look at their school. You may be
asked lots of questions; you may be have to prepare lesson with Chinese partner
Teacher for Chinese Students, and you may even be asked to take a lesson. The
children will be polite, and will respond to questions.

You should give the professional gifts from your school/ from the UK to the
Headteacher of the school

You should dress as you would do in your own school. You should also keep a
diary of your activities.

Optional Activities

Tourist Activities:

Tian An Men, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Tian
Tan Parks, etc.

You will have the chance to visit the Tian An Men Square, Forbidden City, Parks
and The Great Wall, Summer Palace. We will try and arrange a visit to the Great
Wall on the final Saturday of the trip and to the Forbidden City on the Friday of
the trip.

Forbidden City and Beijing parks are required to pay Entrance Fee.

The Great Wall and Tombs are far away from centre of Beijing, it will be about 4
hours for return by car. The cost will be relatively high. If you decide to go the
Great Wall, or Summer Palace, or Ming Tombs you will be required to book in

Lina Na will help you to arrange your tourist activities.

Shopping in the Market:

You will have a chance to visit the Hong Quio Market. Electronics, Male and
Female clothes and others are excellent bargains here. You should barter for all
products - it is all done in a good spirit and is a lot of fun.

Useful Chinese Phrases

English                Chinese Character             Chinese Pronunciation
Hello                   你好                           Ni Hao
How are you?            你好吗?                         Ni Hao Ma?
Thank you               谢谢                           Xie Xie
Excuse me               原谅我(麻烦你)                     Yuan Liang Wo (ma fan ni)
Sorry                   对不起                          Dui Bu Qi

Which way is to Forbidden City? 那条路是去 故宫? Nia Tiao lu shi Que Gu Gong.
Let’s go              走吧               Zuo Ba
Go straight head      直走               Zhi Zuo
Turn Left             向左转              Xiang Zuo Zhuan.
Turn right            向右转              Xiang You Zhuan.
Here we are / I am    我(我们)到了          Wo (Wo Men) Dao Le.
Stop (Car)            停(车)             Ting (Che)

This                      这个                         Zhe Ge
That                      那个                         Na Ge
How much is it?           多少钱?                       Duo Shao Qian?
I will take (buy)it.      我买了.                       Wo Mai Le.
I don’t want it.          我不想要                       Wo Bu Xiang Yao.

Cheers                    干杯                         Gan Pei.
Sorry, I don’t drink      对不起,我不能喝酒                  Dui Bu Qi, Wo Bu He Jiu .
I can’t drink too much.   我不能喝太多酒                    Wo Bu Neng He.
Delicious                 好吃                         Hao Chi.

Return Flight

CA 937 PEK-LHR, the flight leaves Beijing at 14:05pm arrives at Heathrow at
17:50pm. We will leave the hotel at 8:00am-9:00am in order to check in at
12:00pm. It takes a considerable amount of time to clear security and
immigration. You should not rely on the shops in Beijing airport. They are very

Back in the UK
Once you have recovered from your jet lag you should write your report as soon
as possible. Your LEA coordinator will circulate guidelines. You should have
agreed a curriculum plan with your partner school and you should do your best to
ensure that communication is kept up to date. You should attend all professional
development and other events around the London China link.

  Good Luck, enjoy yourself and hopefully you will make friends for life!

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