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Facebook Fans

                                                  Facebook allows people promoting their                                Search
                                                  products, services or ideas with a Fan Page
                                                  for free. If you already have a Fan Page but
                                                  do not know how to get people interested in
                                                  your services without spending massive
                                                  amounts of marketing dollars this is where we
                                                  can help. We deliver real Facebook fans to
   your fan page. No bots, No fake accounts, No spam.

        l   200 International English Speaking Fans
        l   100% Real Facebook Users                                                                                    Pages
        l   No Risk of your Facebook Account being closed/locked
        l   Complete in 5 business days                                                                                  Contact

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                      Price: $10.00        200 Fans                 6
   ► How Does the Facebook Promotion work? How exactly do you get me fans?
   We use the power of friend to friend suggestions. We communicate directly with millions of
   facebook users through page suggestions. We ask people to ‘Like’ your page. After they join
   they also suggest it to their own friend circle.

   ► Do you need my Facebook username and password?
   No, we do not need you Facebook username or password. All that we need is the information
   that you entered on the checkout order.

   ► What can I do when my Facebook campaign is in progress?
   Make sure that your page has interesting content that will grab the attention of any visitor.
   Post regularly, engage your fans by asking them questions and replying to their comments.
   Remember that facebook users are real, so make sure you make a good first impression.

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