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					    Must-have Tools and Equipments in a Virtual Office Rental
Doha is the political, economic, education, tourism and cultural capital of Qatar. The city had a 2011
population of 1,450,000, more than 60% the population of Qatar. It therefore follows that this is the
best place to have your office if you want to tap into Qatar's mind-boggling oil and natural gas wealth
(Qatar has the highest per capita GDP (PPP) in the world). With such advances in technology as video
conferencing and the Internet, you need not have a physical presence in Qatar, but an office is
nevertheless important. A virtual office rental Doha serves this particular purpose.

A virtual office is an office whereby you only pay to have a prestigious virtual mailing address. You get
to use the virtual mailing address on your business cards and letterheads and your parcels will be
signed for and posts received, but you will not have an office per se. You, however, get to use the
offices and the meeting rooms in the address at a discount whenever you need to. Different virtual
offices have different tools and equipments, but there are several that you should never compromise on.

Your virtual office rental Doha should come with a dedicated business phone number. The phone,
however, needs to be mobile so that you can use it wherever you are. The phone should have such
features as company voice mail, access to call logs, extensions, message management and call
answering, forwarding and screening. Another important feature in a virtual office is an online message
management portal. Your messages need to reach you promptly if your business is to be successful. A
good company has a receptionist and administrative support to offer these telephone services.

You should not compromise on a phone system that allows you to access Skype and similar Internet
applications. You also need such remote assistant applications as Team-viewer and LogMeIn for easy
desktop sharing and for use in such applications as document sharing and live images.

The virtual office should have video conferencing tools. This is important because organizing face-to-
face meetings is expensive and is not always practical if you do not have a stronghold in Qatar. You
will need a laptop and a Smartphone to help you run your business since most of the work will be done
from outside the office. You will need such file collaboration tools as LapLink ShareDirect to go
paperless or in your virtual office rental Doha. You will need a Computer Telephone
Integration (CTI) software for use by a remote receptionist.

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Description: Must - have Tools and Equipments in a Virtual Office Rental Doha Doha is the political, economic, education, tourism and cultural capital of Qatar.